Mountain Unicycling Berlin 2020

I spend some time filming the best Mountain unicycling I could find in Berlin, and turned that into this video.

I hope you enjoy it!


Well, that was worth doing! Excellent video :slight_smile:

You’re the master of logs!

I think my leg tendons would have exploded from some of those do-the-splits crashes.

Thanks guys! I took quite a while to make, so I’m glad it is appreciated.

I have close to 18 years of experience when it comes to falling off unicycles, that helps I guess. “Fun”-fact: I did sprain my ankle a bit on the very last clip I filmed (the jump over the small stream). It’s always the “let’s just quickly get a second angle” at the end of the day that gets you. Now, a week later, I’m 95% recovered, so it’s not that bad.

Excellent video!