Mountain Dew MUni

I went to the movie this evening and was sitting watching the previews and a thing came on about up and coming sports. It had parkour and things like that. But it also had MUni, which took up most of the commercial. I thought that was pretty neat oh.


What? What movie? The only Mountain Dew MUni video I know of was when I attended Moab a couple years back, and the Dew film crew made a cool video of the event. I was happy to be part of it! It ran on their website for quite a long time.:slight_smile:

Was the Municyclist wearing this shirt?
Nice find too, preety cool now that we are in commercials.

It looked like Moab from a few years ago. The movie was Traitor, by the way it isn’t as good as it looks.


No, there were multiple unicyclists.


HAha, I had that shirt before I even knew that Dew crew was coming! So I wore it that day and they put me in the video. Cool. :sunglasses:

So wait! You’re saying the dew video that was shot 2 years ago is IN this movie??? The same video (that I just posted) from moab 2 years ago? Wtf! cool.

Holy crap! I was in the dew video wearing that shirt!

At 2:16

tread jack, maybe not since Any Terrain brought up t-shirts.

Pigs On Wheels, Your avatar is great, would make a great t-shirt.

No, I don’t think he’s saying that. He said that the Dew commercial came on during the previews.

Nonetheless, very cool.

Wow, that video was way cool. Now I definitely have to get the Mountain Uni T-shirt. :smiley:

I didn’t see you, they had it all cut up so it probably was only 20 seconds of uni fotage. They had other sports in the same video.
EDIT: I think I did see some one that looked like you in a Dew shirt at the end in the group shot.


That was a tight video, but sodas aren’t my thing. Did I see Jerrick? 16-26 seconds

yes, that’d be jer.

Well, the MC guy had on a regular Mountain Dew shirt, but I was the only one there with the “Mountain Uni” shirt.

the disclaimer at the end always gets me… :roll_eyes:

haha i was there :stuck_out_tongue: and in the commercial… i point to my own seatpost…

Golly gee wilikers. Just felt like saying that for some reason. :roll_eyes:

Bahaha! Phil! “GB4 seatpostpoints

it is only the truth :stuck_out_tongue: