Mountain biking as a way to get back in shape for muni?

Hey, so as some of you know, due to my injury and silly unicycles breaking themselves, I havn’t been able to really ride at all since early last summer. I recently pulled out the trials again and I can still do most of the stuff I was hitting before I stopped riding (thank God), but alas my muni (ahhhh, my life, my passion, my love!! my truest love!) has really suffered. I was able to get in about three rides on my muni before the saddle broke this year and I sucked horridly! I was mostly due to my legs being out of shape… so my question is, have any of you found mountain biking to be a good way to keep in shape and get back in shape for muni? I’ve found that I need my legs to be 10x as strong to do something on a muni, as I need them to be to do the same thing on a bike but I was wondering if it helped at all.
I’ll probably pull the bike out again anyway, just cause it’s so fun after going soooo slooooow… Lol.
Anyway, let me know what you girls and guys think! Thanks a bunch.


Well i wouldnt say it’d be a HUGE help, but yeah, it’s definitely a start:)
I would also recommend some up-hill running as this will strengthen your legs up too.
Sorry i wasnt much help dude.
EDIT: Forgot to mention reason…
It’ll only really help when your getting up a trail on a MTB as you pretty much dont pedal much (on a downhill) (unless your flying and killing it to get heaps of speed, but even then your not using your legs a great deal), whereas on a uni you are constantly pedalling/tensioning your legs to control speed.

I think yes, more so if you ride mostly standing up, as if it were a fixed gear.

I prefer to use dumbels that I have and make up various exersises w/ them. A much more effective use of my time. I can get an equivalent workout in about 1/2 hour where it would take me 1.5-2 on my bike.

For leg strength + uni skills ride a bunch standing up, SIF, and/or seat drag (It would take me just about the same amount of time on a uni as on a bike to get that level of leg workout).

If you aren’t looking for time efficiency, but a good leg work-out, then have fun on the bike. Just keep in mind you aren’t going to be working the exact same muscles and some things may get sore when you switch back to the Muni (I haven’t found anything that does the same muscles, although, I’ve come very close).

Edit: I try to do those exercises even when I’ve been riding a lot (15-20 hrs/wk). W/ the time I have available, it’s better for me do some other exersises (up to 20-25% of my total time) to maintain my stamina. Also when I’m tired I’m much more likely to have scary UPD’s.

Mountain Biking as a Step Towards MUni

I broke my leg almost three months ago and I could ride a bike before I could walk. I went on cross country bike rides while my friends unicycled. It was a good transition. I used to joke that I felt like a boxing coach on a bike training my boxers. Well my friends retorted with we feel like we are Philipino Chicks with a handicapped person! (Almost all of the wet nurses who take care of old people and handycapped people in wheel chairs in Israel are of Philipino decent.) After 6 weeks of laying on my back my leg muscles waysted away to almost nothing. Riding the bike was a very good way of building up some muscles. I am now riding cross country on my trials unicycle. I am still carefull because to dismount from my MUni It is about a 30Cm drop. I sill have to be very carefull not to jar my leg or fall on it. It is great to be back in the saddle again.


Thanks guys! I’ll try all of that. The standing up and peddling is a really good idea. And the running. Thanks!
Good to hear you’re riding again, Unicorn.

For leg strength and better balance get a Bosu ball, turn it upside down and try to balance with one leg. When that gets easy (shouldn’t take too long) start doing one legged squats while your balancing. I’m doing this for my XC training and it really helps with unicycling leg strength and endurance.

Don’t even really need the bosu ball if you just want strength, just do those squats and you should be good.

…or you could make a balance board.

Also you could practice standing/squating on an under inflated squishy rubber ball like this. If you want to focus more on balance than strength raise the air pressure. Any athletic ball would work but a squishy one like that would improve strength more.

A great leg strengthening exercise that can be done anywhere is pistol squats. To reduce potential stress on your knee, keep your leg and upper body as far forward as possible (eg. leg streight and hold onto toes). If that’s too easy close one or even both eyes, or do it on any of the contraptions previously mentioned.

Getting good at doing any of these on one foot aught to improve awkward pedal grabs, as well as a bunch of other stuff.

I reckon the best way to get into shape for MUni is just to get out there on your MUni and go for it.

Well, you see, I don’t have a muni right now… otherwise I’d be on it.

Thanks again for the advice peoples!

Here’s another

Running steps or stairs is great.
Find some fun ones(unlike enclosed stairwells). I like to skip a step for a deeper burn. Going up is the best. The going down part is/can be hard on the knees. At the hospital where I work I would run up the stairs and take the elevator on the downs.

Also for the downs: hop down the steps like skiing moguls. Getting a good squat, twist your hips side to side with the shoulders staying inline and square. Love this one.

PS stairwells do have good acoustics:D

Near my house there’s a bmx track and I love going there to work out and have fun. Since the track’s not angled downhill and there’s jumps to go over and everything, it’s real good for your legs and balance. I’ve found that after just a couple visits there I get in alot better shape legwise. So if you happen to have a bmx track around where you live I’d definitely recommend trying it out.