Mountain b**e rider Blake learns uni

Not bad for one day of riding!


I was wondering how long it was going to take him to realize he was mounting it backwards, but yes that was rather impressive for 1 day of learning.


This may be real or not, for progress in one day. But there’s a lot of acting going on. The crashes at the beginning are exaggerated for effect, real learners don’t crash this way. And I don’t buy the swap of front and rear either. The whole thing is mostly about making a “funny” video.


Your typical learner doesn’t. Good trials bike and BMX riders I’ve seen crash pretty much like that. I think it’s familiar enough to them that they commit, but hard enough that they still fall a lot. I’m not surprised that a guy who I’ve seen riding a gravel bike on dirtjumps in videos is not stepping of as soon as he is a bit off balance (as the average beginner would).
Of course they chose the more exciting bails for the camera and cut it rapidly, there were probably a lot more boring attempts inbetween.

Immediately going to a forrest path is probably not the recommendable way to learn, but it shows what a good amount of commitment and some previous skills on bikes can do to accelerate learning.


Thanks for the insight, Finn