Motorcycle wheel unicycle

A while ago I posted a picture of a unicycle made with a motorcycle spokes, rim and tyre.

A few people asked for a ride report. Well, I just returned from Thailand where this unicycle lives and I had a ball riding it.

Imagine a unicycle that has the rolling weight and momentum of a coker but with a 24" wheel. Truly amazing. Bunny hopping was a little difficult though.

We taught a bunch of kids at the local circus school (based in a Bangkok orphanage) how to play unicycle hockey and one of the kids managed to play while riding the heavy beast. In fact, he preferred it to a lighter unicycle. He will soon develop legs of steel.

I put together 5 unicycles out of spare parts that had been donated by members of the Australian Unicycle Society and also gave them a bunch of hockey sticks. It was great to see the kids have access to enough unicycles. The skill levels are quickly increasing.

That is about all for now,

Wayne van Wijk.

Keep up the great work Wayne! I hope you’re taking lots of photos to show me when you return. :slight_smile: