Motorcycle Tires

Anyone who has ever watched a motocross race will probably have been surprised by these thick studded tires.

Unfortunately, the dimensions are different for motorcycle tires and, above all, the names.

But there really are tires that also fit common bicycle rims.

For example:

2.75-16 fits 20 inch rims (406) and probably corresponds to a 20x 2.75 tire. In contrast to bicycle tires, the sidewalls are much thicker and stiffer. But the weight is also 2-3 times as high.

So much for theory. Does anyone of you ride motorcycle tires and what about the compatibility with unicycle rims?

This is For example the Heidenau K52 tire that fits perfectly on 20 inch rims, I tried it out

Does anyone know of larger tires, e.g. Would fit on a 24" rim (507)? Would be fun to ride with a motocross tire

As a motorcycle rider with experience of motorcycle tyres all i can say is that there way too heavy to be using on a unicycle.

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You would need a motorcycle tyre for a 20" inch rim (20" = 508mm). Seems they are not produced anymore.

It still felt ok on the 20 inch unicycle. But it will be more of a fun vehicle

I searched for it too, but didn’t find anything. But that would probably be the closest thing. I think 1mm should still be within the tolerance