Me colin and mike (unicyclepa) are comeing mabey. we are thinking abought takeing the bus down but thats kinda expencive at 50$. We would love to car pool and share a room.

I was looking at the registration form and are we 1st or 2nd class? 1st class: $30 2nd class: $15

does anyone know???



I won’t be able to make Motorama because of work this year, so…

As those of you who have attended the past three years are aware, I’ve sort of “managed” the affair.

In order for things to go smoothly, someone needs to run the unicycle event and work with the Motorama people. It’s actually kind of fun but is a lot of work too. If someone could step up to the plate this year and run the setup, it will ensure that this year is another success. Here is a list of stuff you need to be responsible for and which have worked well for us in the past:

Make sure that 8-10 or guys show up for setup Friday, the more the merrier. Use this thread to figure out who can make it.

Call Amy Drummond and ask her for $200 bucks for wood to build the course. In Exchange, put up the banner at the event and return it to her after the event. Make sure someone has a truck to run over to Home depot in Harrisburg and get the wood on Friday morning. This is KEY to a good event. Although most of the props were returned from last year, you always need about 50 fresh two by fours to build a good course.

Arrive at setup Friday around 9am. Say Hi to Charlie Clement the trials director, figure out where to setup, unload all the wood off the truck from last year, and start building. Make sure enough people show up to help with set-up.

Tools - miter saw, 3-4 high powered portable electric drills, extension cord

Materials -
50 1 gallon ziploc plastic bags
100 sheets of 8.5 by 11 plain white paper
50 pens for scoring
50+ score sheets
two rolls of colored marking tape (avail at home depot)
Big ass boxes of screws (1.5 inch and 2.5 inch, I think)

We usually finish setup around 5-6 pm.

I might have forgotten a few things. Let me know.

Charlie Clement requires us to have one person run the unicycle event that he can go to throughout the event. Whoever runs the event should definitely have been to a few previous Motorama’s and should feel comfortable leading the event. Any volunteers?

Let me know if I can help. I’ll keep an eye on this thread. Sorry I can’t make it.

Joe Merrill

Bump. Who’s going to run the trials comp at Motorama this year? We need someone with experience to volunteer, otherwise it might kind of suck. Joe

Man, I hope someone steps up to the plate. I can’t make it up until Friday evening.

I would be more than happy to step up to run this event I can definitely perform all of the tasks you listed pretty easily except providing tools, I don’t have any of the tools we need and that is definitely key. But as long as someone can show up pretty early on Friday with some charged tools I can definitely take it from there. Anybody got tools?


I just talked to the guy who runs the trials setup for the bikes and he said that they will let us run on there lines and compeat with the bikes in what ever class we want (begener, sport, expert, or pro). Of if there are enough unicyclists they said they would gladly help set up/build a unicycle section. So its realy up to you guys. So please tell me what you guys wana do so i can tell him. Also I am going down friday morning with him to help set up

Joey, if you can run the event, that’s great. I’d loan the tools out, but I had borrowed the tools in the past. I think you might be able to rent a miter saw and a few drills from Home depot in Harrisburg for a reasonable price.

In addition to tools, I’d say that the $200 worth of wood and the vehicle to drive it over from Home Depot last year was pretty important. donated the funds last year, in exchange for us running their banner. All you need to do is call Amy and see if she’s willing to mail you a check, the banner, and prizes.

Make sure you have 2-3 of the strong power drills. Don’t get the little wimpy ones. They suck.

Charlie Clement should be returning all of the obstacles from last year with any luck. You just show up Friday morning and unload them from the truck.

While Charlie and his group might be willing to help setup uni-trials, my experience running this for the last three years is that you should not rely on them for this. Charlie’s crew are moto-trials guys. A good bunch of guys but they won’t have a clue about building uni-trials obstacles. And realistically, it’s a ton of work to build a good uni-trials course so you unless you do it yourself, it ain’t gonna happen.

Riding the bike lines as part of the competition will be problematic for a few reasons: 1) Only the more advanced riders will be able to ride them 2) You won’t be able to try over and over again according to u-system rules 3) There will be few lines to ride. Over the past few years, the uni course has had 30 to 40 lines.

On the other hand, once the comp dies down, a lot of guys had fun riding the bike lines, but it didn’t count as part of the uni-comp.

I think it’s a good idea that Joey run the comp. He should give Charlie a call. I’d be happy to call Charlie too and let him know that Joey will be running the comp. Let me know if I should do that. Pm me if you need his phone number.

UnicyclePa, thanks for your help too. Who are you? Were you at any of the previous Motorama setups? If you can help that’s great - you guys should just be clear about who will be “running” the comp. This way when the person in charge screws up, you’ll know who to blame :slight_smile: kidding

I may be able to come down Friday to help with setup.

Unfortunatlly it looks like I spent all of my money in europe and didnt leave any to get to motorama.

If I can find work this week it may not be too late, but my magic 8 ball is telling me that all signs point to no.

An idea that might work too is something like we did the first year where we built a few unicycle trials lines and then used the a few selected bike trials lines to make things a bit more exciting.



my name is neil and i havend been to aney other motorama events. I was talking to jay swartz (i think thats his name) he is the one from mt perk that sets up the bike trials not the moto trials and i will defanitly be there to help. Also do aney of you know if aney of the “good” unicyclists are gona be there.

yes neil, ill be there. lol

No, just the “evil” ones.

i ment like kris holm of the dan

I plan on attending Motorama this year, as well as helping out Friday for setup.

We definitely need at least 8 or so guys on Friday to help with course building - Please post if you can come help out. Also indicate if you can provide any of:

- a  truck or other vehicle than can be used for transporting wood from Home Depot
- miter saw
- high powered portable electric drill
- extension cord
- box of wood/sheet rock screws (1.5" and 2.5" lengths)
- 2x4, 2x6, or 2x8 wood
- existing trials obstacles (sandwich boards, etc.)

Any man power and materials that can be provided will help in completing the course in a reasonable time. If we can get started Friday between 9-9:30 AM, we can probably complete it hopefully by late afternoon. Bring a cooler with food and drinks for lunch as that stuff isn’t easily available at the complex. In addition, bring workers gloves for wood working and warm clothes as it can sometimes be cold in the complex.

Also a reminder that pre-entry applications should be postmarked by Feb 1. I believe the fee goes up, but it’s not exactly clear on the online form. The form is available at:

Print the form out and mail it to the address specified on the form. Just circle “unicycle” and send $30.

For more information on Motorama, see:

Jeff Prosa

Motorama is a great event and has really grown over the past few years. It started with Scott Bridgeman and was passed on to Joe Merrill and now it is time for one of the young guns to step up and run the show. Hey Joey Cohn, if you can step up as you have offered that will be excellent. This year I have a commitment and will not be arriving until later on Friday afternoon. Since I have been a part of setup for many years I will emphasize the importance of organization. As Jeff Prosa has outined in a previous post it is important to know who can bring important pieces of the pie like drills, saws, and a good work ethic. Equally important is what time can you arrive to assist in the work load. Setup can be a lot of fun when you have the right tools and enough help. I had the opportunity to set up lines with Kris and Ryan in past years and I really enjoyed the experience. On the flip side if you do not get the cooperation and are still struggling to finish up a course late into the night it will take the fun out of it. If you have 8 people standing around waiting to use one drill you have a problem. Plan ahead and make sure it is clear who is bringing what. If you have some pre made obstacles that you can get to the event early on Friday that saves time also. In past years we have made the effort to arrive in the morning so the work was completed early enough to go out and enjoy a group dinner. A few more suggestions are:
Get to your employers or professors now and try to clear up Fridays schedule so you can arrive early for setup.
Buy or borrow the right tools for the job.
Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need from the Motorama people. They are really supportive and have been very responsive to requests for obstacles for building the course. Try to get as big of an area as possible so that the lines are not too close together. The boundries for the trials area are usually not that clear when you arrive so try to spread out and allow enough space for an awesome course. Not far off you will have bike and motorcycle courses being constructed so if you define your area early it will help. ( the first couple years we were crammed into a small area but we have been able to spread out more the last couple years. ) Remember if you do not ask you will not get it. The show organizers will help out if you ask them nicely. If you are there early and you see a huge tire, log, or highway divider or something that can make an awesome line then ask for it early on. Some of the items are too heavy to move by hand and you will need assistance from the show organizers with heavy equipment. Last year a trailer rolled out and it was first come first serve for most of the wood available from previous years. The home depot run is a must also. Remember that as such a small group we do not generate much revenue for the organizers so do not expect too much. In past years we have been given the flexiblity to just do our own thing and that formula has worked very well. Hats off to Joe Merrill for all his contributions the last few years and his help in getting this year off to a great start. A lot of hard work goes in behind the scenes if you want to have a great event.
I really can’t wait to see so many old and new faces again. If you have made it to past events or are new to the event please post in this thread your intentions. I know some have already posted but most have not been heard from. Also, what you intend to bring to help out and what time you will be arriving. Not everyone needs to help but the more the better. Not to put anyone on the spot but here are most of the names I can come up with from 2004 and 2005. It would be nice to hear from those returning this year and the new faces as well.
Kris Holm, Ryan Atkins, Ben Plotkin-Swing, Joey Cohn, Jeff Groves, Nick Mullen, John Glazer, Jeff Prosa, Trip Glazer, Joe Merrill, Brian Maw ( Hey that’s me ) Chris Wonderly, Mike Carroll, Sam Cooksey, Dave Kimmel, Frank Brown, Dan Lucal, Bill Hamilton, Nick DiJohn, Kevin O’Brien, Mike and Amanda Menichini.
Ryan Atkins, Ben Plotkin-Swing, Joey Cohn, Joel Burgess, Jeff Prosa, Trip Glazer, Nick Mullen, Brian Maw ( me again ), John Glazer, Nick DiJohn, Christopher Musco, Kyle Grasso, Joe Merrill, Kevin O’Brien, Chris Wonderly, Cameron Musco, Jordan Brown, Joseph Graff, Frank Brown, Wolfgang Henner Bichler, Mike Carroll, Dave Kimmel.

22 entries in each of the last two years. Let’s shoot for 30 + this year.

Hotel stay

If you are going to stay overnight at a hotel, be sure to mention that you will be there because of Motorama. This should be enough to get you a discount on room rates. It sounds like $71/night is the going rate for a two-bedroom stay at the Radisson. Don’t let them overcharge you.


so who is up for a pre friday nite ride.