Motorama 05 cancelled?

I just heard from Jim (JVTFM)…it seems that the organizer of the Biketrails section of Motorama ended his participation in Motorama. Dissention in the bike trials community has led to this (as usual, they are debating about which rules system to use). Theres a thread about it here. The events page of says that it is cancelled.

I am wondering if this has any effect on us. I’m thinking it may be really bad or slightly good. Really bad in that no bike trials=no unicycle trials. This is unlikely though, since the event is still going on as far as I know. Also, moto trials will still be there. It may be slightly good…we may get a lot more space.

Any of you guys know anything? Kris…Joe…?

Also, if it is on, I would like to come down a little early and help organize things and set up. I’m close by. Let me know.

So what’s the verdict?