How do other people get motivated to go and unicycle?

Are you kidding me? How do you put your uni down to go to work? I have the bug big time now that I can actually ride. I have been at it for only a month, but am able to do some longer rides now. I ride everyday and it kills me to put it down.

I like to change up my ride spots to keep things from getting boring. Find a new Park or a new route to try. I also have two little kids that are riding too, so we are trying things like small races or obstacle courses around cones, etc. We recently tried holding hands as we ride and doing turns as we hold hands. We also tried riding a hard packed dirt sidewalk. That was really cool. We are having so much fun!

Defintely find some others… not easy I know.

Ride cross country and muni, most fun per mile!
Ride trials, most fun per impact!



This might just be because I only started this year, but I always seem to be motivated to ride. I’m currently working a graveyard shift (6p - 5a), and spent my lunch hour riding around the building. Actually, that’s how I learned to ride. For the last 4 months, I’ve spent most of my lunch hours riding.

I don’t think it’s just because I’ve started riding recently though. Usually, if something is going to wear off, it would have done so by now. I think what provides the most motivation is the riding itself. Every time I ride, I feel REAL improvement. Feels really rewarding and makes me want to get out and learn more.

Heading camping on Friday for a week, can’t wait to try the new ride (and by new ride, I mean first REAL ride). Nimbus 26" Muni. My other is a 20" no-name piece of steel that I bought used for $40. Odd thing I noticed (actually, my father noticed) is that it weighs about the same as the Nimbus!

I just go ride, it’s what I do, sorta like getting up in the morning and going to work; though riding is more fun than work :smiley:

Are you kidding me? Riding a Unicycle is “who I am” now. I hope to ride until old age prevents me from physically mounting a Uni. I’m constantly thinking about when my next ride is going to be and I look forward to riding every single day (although some days I can’t). Besides spending time with my wife and family, nothing motivates me more than a good Uni session. I’m trying to “convert” the rest of my family and friends, too.

If you are bored with it, then you aren’t challenging yourself to learn new things anymore. As others said, try Muni, Trials, Flatland, or Street…

I am motivated by the knowledge that automobiles are desperately trying to avoid hitting me while secretly wishing they could, teenage girls are giggling and tittering at me, and 20-something men think I am something less than a man and enjoy shouting obscenities and occasionally throwing something at me. Also the glass strewn about the local roads that results in at least one flat per month.

I am confused. The question suggests, that you are not motivated, but raising it means probably at the same time that you would like to change it. I am wondering why. I mean nobody is forcing you to unicycle. You could simply walk away from unicycling and do something else instead. So, what is motivating you to raise the question?

Whilst I am keen to ride all the time watching videos on here and you tube really inspires me and gets me gagging to go ride


I continue to try, despite an inability to ride, because if I don’t I am not worth the air I breathe. I have not made progress in months, I can’t ride 10 feet without falling and getting hurt. I continue, not because it is easy and not because it is hard, I continue because I would end my life if I admit defeat. I call that motivation, most call it crazy.

I find videos on youtube or here and I have links to what I consider the better ones.

It is also the improvement in riding from riding more. I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment when I can take a sharper turn or ride over an obstacle. Unfortunately, outside of this group, there are not many people to share the accomplishments with. Their eyes just glass over when telling them how you just learned to free mount or idle.

Yestorday I had no motivation to ride it was super muddy and raining but I got my stuff together and went out and had a super fun muddy ride.

Once addicted to unicycling, the motivation to ride is always there. I suppose there is also an equivalent to the “runner’s high” of that endorphin rush that keeps me riding day after day to get my “fix”. :sunglasses:

This thread is only going to go one way lol

I suggest getting a stressful job a gaggle of young screaming kids, no time to yourself and that will get you very excited to get out the door on to the quite trails

Works for me :stuck_out_tongue:

Every time I think it’s too cold, too wet, or too dark this thread gets me out there:

Pictures of your last ride thread

Someone is always out when it’s colder, wetter, or darker!

this is the life I have chosen as well so the only peace I find is on the trail.

This forum and all the videos around are huge motivations for me. If all this stuff had been around when I first started (like 50-some years ago), I might be a half-decent rider today. (As it is, I’m practically a beginner again.)
After reading what everyone has to say, and watching some amazing videos, I look forward to riding!

I bought uni and this was motivation to learn how to ride :smiley:
Now I have a loooot of things to try and learn and this is so exciting when you done something new! Now it is -15C with strong wind but I can’t keep myself in and go for ride :slight_smile: Just enjoying my riding and feeling how better I am doing - more than enough to motivate me :roll_eyes:
If you need special motivation for every thing you do… Well… That sucks :frowning:

I wonder the same thing, partly because I also sometimes lack the motivation to get up and actually do what I know will make my riding better. (Improved fitness, practice basic skills, climb hills, etc).

Other riders help as well as this community and the video forum.

Music does it best

I agree with all that was said earlier, but most definitely listening to some uplifting trance of Armin Van Buuren (#1 DJ in the world) makes me just wanna go out and ride - with speakers in my back pack of course :slight_smile:

check out this to get the general idea and get addicted at the same time: