Most Progressive ride for thy self to date

Tonight after a two hour drive home from work, I finally went for a ride. I have only been getting out once every week or two. My fault, I drive alot to and from work so I have been tired lately. Ended up going for a 3 hour ride with a friend of mine, drove down to the water front here in Barrie and rode till we could no more. I say it was my most progressive ride because I for the first time, did about a 5’ 2" drop to packed sand, attempted 4 times and landed once, didnt ride out of it, but got two hops afterwards so I’ll take that as close. Those four attempts at that height we about 2’ higher then I have tried before, cant wait to actually land land it.
Then we both, my friend Max and I, made it up a rock wall type thing in two different spots. This was only about 3 ’ high, but for us both, its a first. We also both attempted to make it up some benches, for both of us it was our first time trying. We both also accomplished this, for the first time ever.
After that, we both went to a spot I have been to many times but always dropped into the water right away. This is a spot where there is a man made stream through a park by the bay, with semi-large rocks crossing it for people walking to cross it. There’s no water running through it now, so maybe it took the edge off for me. I made it across it my second attempt, all together 3 times. Felt awesome, I normally don’t get to ride with anyone so I just ride to ride not get any better or try anything.
I know this is all small stuff to many, but I know my limitations and see I pushed myself enough tonight to rise that bar a bit higher.
I must thank all of you with the amazing videos and pictures posted, for allowing me to wish I could mirror what you do ,haha. Honestly this forums the reason I got into riding as I do now, trying to push myself to strive for better. Time for some rest.


[sniff] You’re all gown up! [sniff]

Congrats, nice work.