Most comfortable shorts?

what is the most comfortable shorts and/or other protective gear you wear? Do you have different unicycle clothes for winter? What do you use in summer? Feel free to list amazon links also. I really have a problem with what im wearing (just jeans). It’s uncomfortable to the point that it’s become a real deterrent from riding. I love riding so it sucks.

Yeah jeans suck for riding. I like Mace riding shorts. Any shorts that have no seams right in the crotch work but Mace gear lasts forever.

I actually feel fine in jeans. All my shorts during the summer are my old jeans cut off to shorts. I wear that with my shin guards.

Jeans generally suck. I don’t even own any anymore.

If you aren’t falling much at all I really like to wear dress pants for riding. I buy them from thrift stores for $3 and they tend to last me a month. Dress pants have nice thin slippery fabric which helps guard against chaffing and you get to ride in style :sunglasses:

skinny jean cutt offs do it for me,but as i learnt the other day riding in any wet pants is not a good idea,unless u want like bleeding chaffage.

i have some billabong shorts that i bought several years ago that are by far my favorite for riding, i’ve done several 5-6 hour sesh-s in them and never got chafed at all by them.

Jeans are fine for riding IMO, but I don’t mind a good chafe.

chafing is too easily avoided to be ok w/ it… and it sucks riding the next day.

i actually like to ride in jeans. they don’t resctrict your movement like you might think. as for chafing, wear biker shorts if need be. for trials i don’t tend to wear the biker shorts unless it’s a full day ride, but for muni i do cause i tend to chafe more for that.

Jeans are very uncomfortable for long rides because of the real thick seam in the crotch. The thickest part of the seam seems to be right about where your (guys only) prostat is located and is uncomfortable to sit on.

Pants/shorts with a very thin seam in the crotch are more comfortable.

I wear compression shorts (under garment) for general riding. Bike shorts with padding in the crotch are better for long rides. Compression and bike shorts also help prevent chaffing of your inner thighs.

I guess im just lucky then. With jeans, for full day coker/muni rides, full day trials, riding through a fountain, then riding for hours after that. Weekend long trips where its jeans everyday and everyday riding and im completely fine. Chaffing is the last thing I worry about.

I really like to ride with road bike spandex…like the padded shorts with the north face pants over them.
North face makes like cargo shorts that are really tough thick material and they are really comfortable to ride in

the more you ride the less likely it is you will chafe.

I really like the koxx team shorts. :slight_smile:

and all the other stuff you sell:)

Jeans for riding

catinabag1 mentioned it already, wear cycling shorts underneath your jeans.

Go to a good bicycle store/website and get padded cycling shorts, but the underwear type designed to go underneath normal shorts or jeans. It’s also nice because you don’t look like your wearing spandex tights.

Bicycle equipment and clothing is a huge market compared to unicycling so there is a huge selection and price range for good shorts.


For road I wear Ibex brand merino wool knickers. Merino wool is cool in the summer and warm in the winter and the knickers give you a little knee protection for UPDs and will never ride up. Added benefit is if you wear knee pads, no chafing. Plus, knickers make you feel sexy:D

i’m wearing jeans

They look good and i like them :roll_eyes:

i wear a pair of gym shorts underneath my jeans, it works best for me cuz i have tons of gym shorts and jeans!

I find jeans to be terrible if I’m riding for any length of time because of the point right where I sit at which four seams meet. But I wear heavy denim jeans so maybe that’s my problem. Plus if it’s a hot day jeans are super heavy. And they don’t wick sweat away too well.

In the absence of purpose built riding shorts, I just go to the nearest surf/skate clothing store and buy some cotton cargo shorts. I know some guys who really like the lighweight synthetic shorts made for hiking as well.