Most bouncy tyre.

my CC is wearing down, so im looking for a new tyre. im doing trials (or at least i am trying to) so i was wondering what the bounciest tyre is, which will let me hop the highest? i was thinking the try-alls? thanks in advance

Or would it be the Monty eagle claw

Eagle claw is meant to be pretty good. I’ve never ridden one, but I am considering getting one.

EDIT: The Official 19" Trials Tyre Thread

Yeh, I’ve read all the tyre threads I can find, including that, but thanks anyway. I may try the try all tyres because I don’t like the feel of the bounce of my CC as the rebound is not stiff enough, and they say try alls offer a different bounce feel than the EC, or the CC.

Although a bouncier tire will allow you to potentially hop higher, there is a down side.

When doing technical lines and drops w/ little extra room the tire won’t be as stable. Also the tire has a rounder profile making skinnies harder.

In all it seems the main difference is personal prefference and what you are used to.

yeh rayman i would defiantely go for the monty eagle claw or the try-alls blud as they are very good tyres, especially for bouncing. also thier build quality is better than those such as the CC that u own. also these wheels are much more aesthecticaly pleasing to the eye and do not seem to look ‘old’ too soon.

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cheers bilz

It doesnt seem at all rounder.Its wider than a cc and the sidewalls are alot stronger than the cc.More bouncy doesnt necessarily mean its a soft tyre.Ive ridden both eagleclaw and cc and eagleclaw dominatse in all areas by far

well, that doesn’t really help as my original question is effectively- what’s more bouncy, try-all, or MEC.

i read somewhere here that both sponge and joe hodges think the MEC is more bouncy