Morning ride [Street]


So this morning I had a pretty good ride … so I made a little video. The video isn’t super special, but it was fun riding.



Please comment,



You got treys back :angry:

Just kidding. Isaac, your simply a beast.

Haha, thanks Colby.

Yup, I got treflips back … I landed one first try this morning :slight_smile: Made me really happy.


Haha, thanks Colby.

Yup, I got treflips back … I landed one first try this morning :slight_smile: Made me really happy. Then when I was going for a rolling 540 unispin, the cranks spun a half rotation (without trying), so maybe next week I’ll try fifthflips :roll_eyes:


wow ´fifthflip good luck

i like your video very much nice treyflip backs:D

Sweet vid. Kinda makes me want to learn more tricks.

IMO isaac i like your street far better than your trials. even though your nt busting the biggest tricks, your pretty clean and flowy

Thanks. Hmm, I dunno I don’t think I’ll get fifthflips, but I’ll practice :slight_smile:

Hmm, I really like trials still … it’s just a matter of finding the lines … and I don’t like going and riding trials by myself … it’s more fun when I have a riding buddy…

Hahaha, yes trials is good Émile. I think it’s time for you to make a new video! Trials, Street, or Flat! :stuck_out_tongue:


liked the last trick a lot!


[Flatland] xD

Nice, treys look pretty smooth. One handed sex change to seat in, prob one of my personal fave tricks to do.

Haha, yeah it was more like flatland since it was all on flat … but I would consider it “techy” street?

Thanks for the comment though … I think it’s called a 1 handed inchange … according to Eli and Pat. :slight_smile:


street is it when you do it down or up obstacles IMO

Hmmm, okay…well then I dunno what I would call this :roll_eyes:

I still consider this street … street tricks.


The trey and 5 spin were so clean:) You have nice style.

you mean clip of day?

No its just called a sex change :stuck_out_tongue: Its not like hick/out/in.

I always say outchange or inchange. The reason being, the twist part of a sexchange for me is to the right, same with inchange. For an outchange the twist has to be blind and to the left. Making it a different trick.

Come in Ottawa if you want a riding buddy, I’ll go ride with you :smiley:
Nice vid, too bad it took like 2 times the time of the video to load it, I would’ve watch a couple of your videos to inspire me to go riding…but it stills rainy so I can’t really go riding…:frowning:

Fair enough. Once you start learning all these tricks, alot of things require blind twists and even spins :stuck_out_tongue: so get used to it