Mormon unicyclist

Nice video. Love the shot at 8:22 in the suit!!

Too bad he has to quit riding for two years. Can someone explain why he won’t be able to ride in Portugal?

it will be all religious no big toys

So now maybe I’ve discovered where this conversation with a gawker came from.:slight_smile:

Random Dude
Is that hard?
Not that hard, anyone can learn to do it
Random Dude
Have you ever heard of the Church of the latter day saints?
Confused Me
Random Dude
You know, are you guys Mormons.
Uh um no
Random dude
Oh well just asking because it seems like everyone who can ride a Unicycle is Mormon.
Really? All of the Mormons I know can’t…

No fun

I looked on wiki before posting and it said they avoid all forms of worldly entertainment while on their 2 year mission, and gave TV, internet as examples, basically, media. I can see that point of view. But what about basic exercise? I can understand that it may be considered too flashy for a missionary to ride around doing uni tricks but no recreational bicycles or basic road uni? Just wondering.

they walk from what i know but i have limited knowledge

I can’t believe everyone is talking about mormons, when COLBY THOMAS is leaving!

Great video!

I was a Mormon missionary back when… there is no lack of exercise! Out the door at 9 a.m., back at 9:30 p.m., and on foot most of the hours in between, every single day.

The most important reason why he won’t be taking a unicycle is to avoid the emotional/mental distraction. That’s why I had to leave music behind entirely (I’m a composer). But it was an absolutely wonderful experience.

Ah, got it! Thanks. That much walking takes care of the exercise requirement. Portugal can be hilly too!

I too was a missionary back when… and yes there was no lack of exercise. Just like neilth said, you’re out there (in my case) from 6:30am to 9:30pm, 365 days a year (366 if it’s a leap year), for 2 years.

I did a lot of walking but we principally used bikes as the primary mode of transportation. Where I ended up serving a mission I didn’t even get the opportunity to drive during the 2 year period, so there was a lot of biking.

Yeah, no unis because the goal of the mission was to focus on serving people and a uni would be a distraction; something that would sit in the corner and tempt you to goof off with for an hour here and an hour there. :wink: Missionaries do however have a preparation day, 3/4ths of one day once a week used for preparing for the week ahead, writing letters to friends/family, shopping for the week, and some recreation/sports. You wouldn’t have the time on those days to spend doing nothing more than getting in a uni fix.

Late last year I ran into a guy from Arizona serving his mission here in North Carolina and we went out on one of his preparation days for a quick muni ride. He was thrilled because I’m sure he was resigned to knowing that he’d likely never see a unicycle during the course of his two year mission. He was a good rider too! At the point that I met him I think he had been out a little more than a year, but he shook one year of rust off immediately.

I’m sure it’s fine to do briefly on a preparation day if the opportunity presents itself (good luck with that) but even then not something that could take up lots and lots of time. The mission really wasn’t about that, it was about putting your wants and needs on hold to better focus on helping other people.

Here’s to hoping that guy somehow finds someone to ride with on a preparation day.

Thanks for the insight. This is the stuff you don’t find on Wiki.

I haven’t posted here in ages. I’m pretty sad that See You in Two was posted here and no one knows who Colby is O.o

I’m glad I know who is he now. I wish I could have met him before he left. I recognized some of the locations in that video.