More Techy Stuff: Sourcing Decent Cranks....

In a search for strong lightweight cranks, I have come up with the following:

>>Re: Carbon Cranks ( Thank you for your inquiry. We can
>>not offer the cranks in 150mm but
>>can offer you 2 left ones. The mold cost for one size is $2000… For one pair
>>it would be too much… So, for one pair of 2 left arms it would be 150UKP.
>>The size would be 175mm. Is this ok for you? Best Rides, Cyrille Vachaudez

mmm, that’s 250USD, the price of a unicycle…175mm a bit long for me, but
somebody out there might want some …

>>Re, alloy cranks from ( Thank you for your inquiry,
>>Well, I could supply you with the two left hand cranks (one with
>>threads) without a problem. However, the smallest size I manufacture
is 170mm.
>>If you can make the larger size work let me know. Best regards, Lynette

getting shorter, so if you want 170mm, contact White Industries.


PS and a string of no’s too:

>> From ‘speedplay’ Sorry Simon but we only make pedals, no cranks. Thanks
>> Richard

>> From Cook Bros. Dear Simon, Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately we do
>> not custom
>>cranks. Program and code has to be written for each of our products
and it
>>is a lenghty and involved process. We wish you the best of luck on
>>search. Sincerely,
>>Cook Bros. Racing CookBros@CookBros.Com

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