More BIG Twenties

Re: More BIG Twenties

Whoa! That second one looks really cool. Like riding a basketball.

The second photo is of the “Big Boa Drag Tire” found on the new Schwinn Sting Ray. The FAQ claims it’s 20" X 4.25".

Don’t know if they sell the tire/tube/rim separately in stores. Probably could special order one.

the 1st one is interesting to me since its a true 3 inch tyre in the 20" inch rim size instead of the small 19" trials rims. it would be slightly bigger in diameter with the same amount of volume as a Monty but you wouldnt feel like such a gerble in a wheel.

the 145mm cranks that flood the trails market would be less likely to smack the ground like on the 19’s and more speed is good too.

other than using a 24 inch fork, i dont think there is a production fork that will fit this tyre though.


Big 20’s

I just finished a real 20" project with a 3" tire.

It is mounted in a Torker DX 24" frame with 150mm splined cranks/48 spoke combo. The brand of tire is a 20g, which is an actual 3" in width. It is a slick. The same company makes the Hoggy g which is a 24" x 3" tire.

I haven’t got pic.'s yet. Maybe next week.