More BC Questions (but slightly more important than other threads and has long title

I was going to add this onto another thread but didnt want to “go around jacking”
I am wanting to get into BCing and have some Questions for the Crazy BC guys:

1: is it possible to use the wheelset (- cranks) off my nimbus trials for a BC?
2: If i make my own plates what design is best for learning?
3: how do i do it?
4: Is there plates available for seperate purcahse in Australia?

You can’t make a bc out of a uni wheel. The axle doesn’t spin.

i thought so. but there was a chance there, fueled by my ignorance and a little hope.

I would say EB Plates are best for learning.

I slide off of the flange style platform plates very easily even now that I can ride.

ok well i am going to go make one in the shed. out of what i do not know but just watch me.

made it, tried to ride it for about half an hour, got about 2 metres…
tis hard.

got quote of day from a non unicyclist.


i shall try to get some, the parents have taken the digital camera off somewhere and forgotten where they put it…

:slight_smile: but the bearings do!
just wreck a frame and make one out of that… (just kidding) it is possible though… thats all i wanted to say, gooodnignt!!1

I dont think that would work at all because it would put too much lateral force on the bearings.

I was just think that.

The plates would have to have some type of bearing holder system welded onto them.


Kinda like that, but then the hub/axle would need something welded onto the end to keep the plate from slidding off. Probably some type of screw like when screing on unicycle cranks, butyou could also make them with a extra peice to use for jumping. =p

Or…just get a bike hub:)

Yep. =p

Its still fun thinking of new ways though.

Hmm, I need to find a cheap hazzard hub to buy.

It doesn’t need to be a hazard hub, that is just what Evan likes to use and people have just gone along with it. I am sure there are cheaper hubs out there that would work well.

Thats true, but I dont much about bike hubs, so Ill probably just go with the Hazzard.

I could do a little research and learn about some more 14mm hubs. lol

If you’re on an extreme budget, Joytech hubs come in 14mm versions, but I think only if you buy a complete wheel.

I paid $55 for a Joytech 14mm hub, 48 spokes, and a single wall rim which I think is an Alex rim… complete wheel already built.

Remember, that’s $55 CAD at the local bike shop.

I’m getting the mosh hub. 14mm, sealed for something like $30.

Will the 20g tire fit on a Trials rim?


congratulations! you are the 100th person to ask that question!! :smiley: