More amusing than inspiring...

I’ve only been unicycling about 2 and a half months now, so my Muni is limited to pretty tame trails, but I still find it a good way to challenge myself and exercise the dog. Here’s some of my ride from last week:

Somehow watching my dog follow me along just makes me laugh every time. :slight_smile:

Amusing is good. We like amusing. It’s great that you have the dog trained not to pass you and make you look bad. :smiley:

She’s well trained from mountain biking. I made a point of running into her every time she got near my front wheel for a while. Didn’t take her long to figure out the safe place was watching the crashed from behind. The only problem now is that the first thing I see after I recover from a crash is a big pink tongue coming to say hello. :smiley: It does make it hard to be mad at the unicycle for long, though.