Monty Eagle Claw Trials Tire Review.

Ok, so a while back I finished my trials unicycle and told you all about the Monty Eagle Claw that I got from Trialin USA. I had not riden the tire at that point, but I have several hours on it now, so I feel that i can speak to the tires overall performance.

Monty Eagle Claw 19" trials tire
Price $65.00 US give or take a buck or two.
My height 6’
My Weight 200lbs
VIZ 19 46mm rim

I have spent about 15 hours on the tire at this point and see only general wear. The tire is very sticky and even with more air pressure than most people (because I weigh 200 pounds, I keep my pressure higher to keep from bottoming out) I find that the tread pattern flattens right out so that you always have all the knubs on the ground at contact. The tire rides quite well, and I have yet to fold it (highest drop for me to date is 4’6"). The sidewall is super beefy and the tire reacts very well to the “pump” (not air pump). I find that I get much more energy return on a “pump” from this tire than I did from my Kenda and Luna. It is a bit pricey at $65.00 but I feel that the coolness to price ratio is about 4/1.
Thanks, I hope this helps

Its really 65! man thats expencive. I really want one but you could buy two luna or cc’s for that much.

Creepy Crawler costs $53 CAD from Bedford.

65 is a US price from trialsin- I think its 45+shipping
30 is the CC from trialsin

much better comparison

The cc is 30 USD from bedford

I thought we figured out the cc was like 60 USD from beford.

i can get the cc for about $30US delivered to my door.

All I know is that its a pretty nice tire and I will probably fork out the dough to replace it, as I have a problem with CC’s and Lunas folding on me. I am currently running 17lbs in this tire and it has never folded or bottomed out to the rim yet. I love the tread and grip, so for me, it’s worth every penny.

cool. Im getting one.


$45 USD

You sure? Beener just said he got his for 65 from trialsin. I looked but I didn’t see it on the site.

I emailed tim, he said $45.

maybe beener was including shipping?

I can’t find it. Real link anybody?

Thanks in advance

Its not on the site, you just have to email or call him.

Yeah, I was not sure what Tim was going to sell them for and I thought that he had said $65.00 but it is $45.00 USD. I am also in Canada, so add 14% to everything that I buy from the States.

Sorry Tim, $45.00US makes them a hell of a deal for a really great tire. Hope I didn’t cause anyone any grief.

I just order that tyre from and price was just 22 € (28.50 $) + delivery cost of course. So that’s very cheap :astonished: I want more stores like that.

wow thats really quite cheap… i’ll order one from them if i can… well depends how much shipping is…

Actually there’s 2.7" wide Eagle Claw too, so I’ll get that if it’s under 1100 g. They haven’t send it yet.

oh my gosh, send it to me NOW!