- Montreal Street Ride Nov 19th -

A few of us are getting together to do some street riding and trials in Montreal on Saturday Nov 19th 2005.

So far we have 5 riders for sure and we would like to get more. Getting together with other uni riders is always a great experience!
Anyone interested post here or contact myself or Kapoute.

Details of what times and where are still being worked out.

  • Keep an eye on this thread as we will update it with more info as we know. -

yea so we plan on going to the Olympic Stadium or at the Old port of Montreal

Also, some guys from lennoxville ( the BUUC ) will maybe be there

The more we are the better ! also some guys from lennoxville ( The BUUC )

As Victory said, the exact place and time should be posted in the next few day

If you have any question please let me know at: ju1ienrenaud@hotmail.com

Hope to see you there !

I could be there for a ride.

I could bring myself and one other person from Kingston. He is 16 and just starting and I am 37 and I suck. Can we still come???

hey ya it sounds like fun i think me and beener might be able to make it up. hopefully i have a better uni by than lol

For sure… I only started this spring and my brother is really new with a cottered 20"… we rode with kapoute this past weekend and now my brother can hop steps. It’s great cause everyone learns something.
If your taking the 401 we could always meet at one of the exits in cornwall and follow each other up.

It would depend on what time, we realised that we have another commitment that day, but we might be done early. Let us know what’s what.

This sounds like a happening. I’ll try to find out how many people from quebec would be interested in coming, although it would be unresonable to expect many on short notice.

if anybody is interested in officially establishing their level, we have an event specifically planed for that, november 27th. One of the judges will be normand beaumont, organizer of unicon 6.

oooh nice I see that we are gonna be more than i expected, i just need to discuss the place with some other guy but it should be around 11h00 or something like that.

Important !

Ok here are the latest informations:

Location: Olympic Stadium in Montreal:

Time: 11h00 to 17h00 ( I should be there around 10h30 )

let me know if you have any question about the ride

Hope to see you there !

Here is a map:

and try to be around the metro station

What are you guys planning to do if the forecast stick to a wet-snow day?:frowning:
I know I won’t be able to bring a muni anyway as I’ll hitch from Qc to Mtl, even a trial uni take a lot of space if I’m not sure to ride it in the “slush” or not…

My brother and I are leaving here around 9AM saturday morning… I’m going to check the thread before I leave as Julien said he could post what the weather is in Montreal. I’m hoping to get in this last ride before too much snow!

At the starting of the week the forcast was calling for a sunny day but that seemed to change so I guess I’ll find out saturday morning.

How early would you be leaving vince?

Beener and hagbag are you guys comming? If it’s at a later time we can meet you somewhere at a certain time.

hmmm I’m looking out the window now and there’s a fresh coat of white stuff on everything… :astonished: Let’s hope it melts off by Saturday.

hey sorry i don’t we’ll making it down saturday cause we have other comitments thatwe for forgot about that are just about all day so it won’t be happening on saturday but maybe another time

yea dont forget to tchek out that thread saturday morning to know if we are doing it. As for the snow, it should be ok because they are no snow on the street. If you arrived after 11h00 we should be be around the big sign of the olympic where there is stairs and other good stuff.

Lets hope that the weather will be ok.


Ey cool. vince va p-e y etre… Boon faique c’est ou pi quand encore? Appele moi. ou kkch que je recharge ma camera… oh pi 11hr c’est un peu tot pour moi… J’vais seulement pouvoir vous joindre vers genre 1hr.

Que dijiste? No quieres hablar ingles?


Hey, make sure you get pictures and video and stuff!