Monterey California area trails

Hey all, I may have the opportunity to be out in Monterey, California next month for a week (business) but I was thinking about dragging along my KH24 to do some riding (if I can find the time). Any suggestions on places to ride that are fairly close to town? I’m not familiar with the area at all so any tips would be appreciated.

Monterey is a gorgeous place, you’re lucky to be going there on business.

I don’t know the trails very well, but when I’ve looked into it, it looks like there’s a lot more legal non-technical offroad (fire roads and easy singletrack) than real MUni trails. Check out Fort Ord.

Definitely check out 17 mile drive while you’re there. not sure if there is a place for you to ride on 17 mile drive but definitely drive through there.

Checkout the ride locations from 2007 CMU weekend. Most are within 1/2 hour (or so) of Monterey.


i second that. come ride in santa cruz, and be sure to get ahold of me. we can get a group together to go riding. my dad worked in monterey when i grew up; it is a 45 minute drive from our old house in corralitos, and probably an hour drive to Santa Cruz.

cd at bluetreesoft dot com