Monster Cross race (Va, USA) - Feb 20, 2022 ($20 off for unicycles)

The 10th annual Monster Cross starts in a little over a month on 02/22/2022 in Chesterfield, VA. The organizer, Mark Junkermann, is really trying to get more unicyclists for the unicycle division, and has provided the discount code at the bottom which is good for $20 off until January 31st. They always do well to support our sport.

The race is 25 miles of mostly fire roads and double track with a nice stretch of paved rolling hills in there too. Here’s the course map There’s no real technical muni riding in there, and as such, it’s very 36er friendly. If the full 25 miles is a bit much, you can bail out when the course comes back past the start after about 16 miles (just tell Mark at the finish that you’re ending early) and start eating the yummy free meal provided and beer. Yes, the food is back this year, and should be good as usual.

I’ve done the race 5 times, I think, and have always ridden a 36, and definitely recommend one. A 29 will work fine too, but I would certainly not go smaller than a 26. I have a spare 36 if someone wants to borrow it, a 29, and a 26 if you want to go but can’t bring your wheel.

There are a lot of bikes in the race; hundreds. They’ll all head out first, with all the pros and 50 milers (doing 2 laps) heading out in the first two waves. The 25 mile divisions, including us, are in the third/last wave. Many of those 25 milers are very casual riders and can be slow. Because of this, even though unicyclists aren’t usually as fast, there’s usually some other rider not too far off since some of the bikes are pretty slow, and eventually the 50 milers will come around on the second lap. Just in case there’s a fear of being a lone rider in the back.

The unicycle division does get top 3 awards (last year was small glass trophies indicating unicycle division and place), and 1st place also gets a free entry to next year. Like I mentioned before, your entry comes with some good food and a free 1st beer. You also get some swag pre-race. This year looks to be at least a baseball cap, but there may be additional surprises with this being the 10th anniversary.

It’s a fun race, and I hope some of you will try and get out there.

2022 Monster Cross Race Info :
Pocahontas State Park
10301 State Park Rd.
Chesterfield, VA 23832

Date: Feb 20, 2022
10am Start (waves)

Event/registration link:

$20 off Code: UNICROSS2022


How many unicyclists usually attend?
I’m new to the DC area, but I’d like to join the local unicycling community!

I would really love to participate in this event but I am unable to this year. Is this done around the same time every year? How can I stay abreast of next year’s date so I can plan for it? It sound like just the kind of riding I like to do

It varies from year to year. You can look at the results tab on the site to see some of the past years. Some years maybe just 1, but we had close to a dozen I think one year. Last year was 5, and so far we’ve got 3 for this year.

I’m in Springfield if you decide to go and want a ride down. I head down the night before and come back once the race is done. But it’s only a couple hours away, so very doable to just get up early and go on race day if that’s your thing.

There are a few of us in the DC area (including someone else in my area apparently using my LBS who does distance rides as well who I need to figure out); some more active in communities than others. Check out the DC club on meetup if you’re closer to town. I’m too lazy to go downtown, but they seem to meet regularly.

Yup, they do it at the end of February each year unless weather or global pandemics cause a change of plans. Probably the best way to stay on top of it is to just set a reminder on your calendar next fall and check their website at Monster Cross . I wouldn’t rely on someone like me to post things every year, haha.


Thinking about it some more, I think you should maybe try using the contact feature on the race page. Ask Mark to add you to the mailing list for the future, and also mention being a unicyclist. I know he has multiple lists for past participants based on divisions.