Monster Cross 2023, Sun February 19

A bit late, but the 11th annual Monster Cross race is in just under 1 month (19 February 2023) at Pocahontas State Park in Chesterfield, VA, USA.

The race is 25 miles of mostly fire roads and double track with a nice stretch of paved rolling hills in there too. Elevation gain is about 1650ft. There’s no real technical muni riding in there, and as such, it’s very 36er friendly. If the full 25 miles is a bit much, you can bail out when the course comes back past the start after about 16 miles (just tell the timers at the finish that you’re ending early and did not complete the course.).

There is a unicycle division. Usually with top 3 awards and 1st place receiving free entry to next year as well.

As usual, a hot post race lunch is included along with one free beer. There will likely be some swag with registration too. They’ve done hats, cups, and the like in the past.

It’s a fun and tiring race. We had 5 unicyclists last year, I think. Hopefully some of you can make it.