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Re: Monowheels.

On Sat, 16 Apr 2005 18:01:26 -0500, “gerblefranklin” wrote:

>I’ve seen pics of modern german
>electric monowheels, ridden by someone who vaguely resembles Jagur.

On that site? Which picture(s)?

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There’s something endearing about the way the whole monocycle concept just refuses to totally die, despite its obvious impracticality.

The magazine cover with the “Gyro-Electric Destroyer” on it says, “SEE PAGE 666.” Heh heh! I don’t know who I pity more - the Germans in the trench, or the poor guys trying to fight from those pillboxes dangling from the GED’s axle pegs. “Gyro-Electric Destroyer” would make a great name for a band.

That “First Monowheel?” in the first picture there is a thing of beauty. It looks like a Victorian-era time-machine. It’s actually very close to being a unicycle; just get rid of the huge outer wheel and you’ve got an odd but rideable thirty-two-or-so-inch uni. I’m not sure which vehicle would be less painful to ride, though. It probably never occurred to the inventor to try that.

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Re: Re: Monowheels.

It was in a local newspaper. I don’t have a copy of the pic.