Monotreal First Great Meeting

Grande nouvelle, une rencontre a Montréal est organiser par la Communauté des Monocycle de Montréal. Le rendez-vous serait le 3 Mars. Nous attendons entre 15 et 20 personnes et espérons encore plus de gens.

Si vous aimez l’idée, venez nous visiter à ou envoyer nous un mail a

Plus il y aura de gens, moins le coût sera grand. Nous espérons vous voir en grand nombre. !!

Big news, a meeting in Montreal is in the works by the Montreal Unicycling Community. The ‘rendez-vous’ will be the 3 March, 2007. We are expecting 15 to 20 riders and hope there will be many more.

If you like the idea, come visit us at or send me an e-mail at

The more people who attend the lower the cost will be for the event. We hope to see you in big number !!

We hope to see you in big number !!
Nous espèrons vous voir en grand nombre.

Benoit - co-fondateur de Monotreal.

sooo no one interested ??

Final info for the 03/03 meeting at Montreal.

Date: Saturday March the 3rd From 5-9pm

Place: Caserne 18-30 du CCSE Maisonneuve
3622, rue Hochelaga Est
Montréal, Québec
H1W 1J1
Téléphone : (514) 872-4498
Télécopieur : (514) 252-809
(The entry is at the left to the main entry)

Cost: 20$ (the more people that come, the less it will be, and with the rest of the money, we’ll order some food)

Special info:
Dont forget to bring good and clean shoes for the gymnasium
Bring some water and some food in case…

What were gona do:
-Introduction and warning about the security
-Free ride
-Making of basketball and hockey team
-Teaching to people who never touch an unicycle

In case you need info : you can mail us at

We hope to see many of you (yes yes !!)
Monotreal’s admin