MONOPHIL on, a Present from Sebastian Weser

For Christmas eve we’ve got a very special present. Sebastian Weser sends us MONOPHIL for all riders around the World. For me, it’s one of the best all over. Send all your acknowledgment and comments directly to Sebastian ( who makes this possible.
MONOPHIL is availiable in low and high quality. You can find it on UTV or directly here as 640x480 WMV file.
QuickTime file is still uploading (cause its over 700 MB) and should be ready before midnight. You will find it here.

The team want’s to say thanks and wish all of you a merry Christmas.

cool :sunglasses:

david is good

Watched the video. It’s really good, but those guys are vandals! Broke a lamp, dropped a dustbin. But the riding is really good.