mongoose squid?

never herd of it is it worth 70 bucks?

Expect it to break with any kind of hopping.

thanks thats all i need to now they are all over ebay for dirt cheap. i am getting a unistar lx for 22 plus shipping

My friend got one and it broke his first time riding. And he can’t even hop higher than 3 inches. So it basically sucks

As said, with any hoping it will break.

Would probably be fine for riding in straight lines, but even then it probably wouldn’t last long.

The Unistar LX is a lightweight freestyle uni, not meant for trail riding or tricks, so if you hop or jump, it’ll break.

This would be a fine unicycle for teaching others to ride or for basic riding around, but if you start riding off curbs, you’ll bend the rim (single wall).

Don’t you already have a couple unicycles?

my sister is getting into unicycles i am looking for her one

Remember this:

With unicycles you get what you pay for. If it is extremely cheap, then it will break extremely easily. If it is extremely expensive, then it may never break…

If you know that she will be really into unicycling, I would suggest a good Nimbus or a Schwinn.

i cant guarantee any thing she is 6!

16" Unicycle should be good then :slight_smile:
And it shouldn’t break either!

i gave her my sun 20 she can finnaly mount it


I completely disagree.

Me and my friend have been getting into some hardcore trials. :D:D

so, i bought a trials unicycle and my friend still had his LX 26 inch. and he did everything that i did on my trials on his LX.

To this day, there is nothing wrong with that uni. No twisted hub, bent cranks, nothing.

I guess it could be used for trials.
The only problem is the skinny tire. Good luck jumping.
the highest he’s landed on it is three pallets. Lame. :D:D

I almost never recommend those cheap Sun 16’s

Cheap Sun 16’s are perhaps the best choice for a 6 year old of normal size. There was a 10 year old in the park I met who had a 16 " Sun. He was quite small, and the uni seemed very well proportioned to his size.

Splined unis are likely overkill for very small riders starting out. Lots of riders 100 ish lbs have posted about how many stairs they jumped their lx Torker down. For someone a lot shorter and lighter than a 100 lb , a 16 Sun could be the best fit.

I ended up picking one up off of craigslist for 20$ and i rode it around and i didn’t feel right so i pulled on the crank arm and the axle of the hub is spinning so i am deciding on putting a udc hub on it and keeping it. was still in the box when i bought it.

Even though this thread is old, i want to chip in my two cents. It is garbage. It weighs 20lbs and my 26" muni (with a 3" tire) weighs less. THat is all.

for dirt cheap its ok for just playing around on but ya i am going to TAC weld the hub to fix it

there are better dirt cheap unis to get tho. like gravity. i used mine for a long time, then my dad learned on it, and now someone i gave it to has been riding it for a like a year. 60$ when i bought it.

Cheap Uni

+1 DSchmitt

I still have my Gravity uni i learned on (26") and it is going strong. The cranks are a little messed up from some 1-2 ft. drops but it is pretty solid. I rode it several miles a day when I first got it and wore out the tire in less than 3 months. Now its got a WALMART cheapo knobby tire on it and its pretty fun off-road.

Rode a squid a few different occasions. They are heavy and weak, bad combo. If you are in a parade or something it looks cool. But thats about it, its like the boomerang, retarded for any actual riding, but looks nifty. If you want a unicycle to enjoy and not to be stared at :roll_eyes: dont go with the squid