Money from strangers?

So today me and a biker friend we’re riding trials in a little town square thing, hoping up/down stairs/walls etc doing a few freestyle tricks and stuff (he was on a trials bike) and a family with a mum, dad and little kid watched us for 15 mins or so, along with a few other people who were sitting in the area. Then the dad came up and gave us $5 each for our troubles :smiley: I know $5 isn’t a lot but when all your doing is mucking around having fun its awesome! Meant I could go get lunch :smiley:
So I was just wondering has anyone else been giving money from strangers for riding? It’s not like we were busking or anything he just gave us the money cos he’s nice. I know another NZ rider, Ben Sarten was riding around Wellington at night and was given a lot of money randomly from people.
So does this happen very often?

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its called busking, or at least over here in the states it is.
over here all the commercialists and bearocrats make us get permits before we can do that.

it can be a very good way to make money, and if you’re good and you leave a bucket or container out with a sign or something that says “unicycling for change” or something, you can improve your performing attitude and learn some new tricks while you’re at it.

It’s not called busking if you never intended to entertain anyone intentionally.

Yeah, Pete- I was riding around Wellington a few years back just minding my own business and a guy came up to me and gave me $1. I still have it somewhere :stuck_out_tongue:

once a huge black guy told me by shit was doped and bought me a slurpee… does that count ?

No that just sounds like grooming to me.


grooming ? what is that ?

This is a family forum, my hands are tied. It was of course a joke, no offence intended. Atleast Fuego got it.

I like slurpees.

I haven’t been paid to unicycle, but I used to paint murals on construction fences. People would frequently watch me and one day they started putting bills and change in my paint brush box. From then on I’d “seed” the box with a 5 spot and I’d have lunch and dinner paid for in addition to what ever the construction company was paying me!

that sounds like rather cool job. painting murals.
whenever i go out busking (which isn’t too often, about once or twice ever 6 months when i’m REALLY low on $$$, and my paycheck isn’t for another week) I seed the box or hat or jar with about $3- $4 in change. mostly dimes and quarters.

Indeed it was a cool job. Great summer that was. Think bigger with your “seeds” Put some change in there, but a couple bills gives folks the idea that you’re worth it.

Same goes in life. I was a starving artist for years, though skilled. Worked for $6/hour. One day I simply had enough of it when I found out what the sculptor was charging for my work ( I was working in his studio and his name got put on my art, in the tradition of the old masters). I started charging $45/hour that day.

Well at first I didn’t get much work, but after a year I was booked solid and hired 7 studio assitants. I let them keep their names on their works, of course. Don’t sell your self short is the lesson I learned!!

Now I’m a scientist making less money than I was in the arts :roll_eyes: go figure!

Oh yeah over here we have busking too, but we weren’t doing that, we were just riding randomly around for fun and he gave us money. I guess we could actually put down a hat or something and try get money :stuck_out_tongue:

At the first NZ muni weekend in Palmy some skaters offered me a bottle of beer if I could grind a square rail down 3 stairs. I got the grind on my third attempt and skaters were impressed. I got the beer too! Chur!

Me and Pete66 got given $20 bucks by random drunk people one night on the waterfront. But i’ve probably had about $30 since then from random people, usually families. They tend to give you money if you jump over their kids :stuck_out_tongue:

Ooops, I almost forgot…

On the AUT I think a random group of bicycle tourists gave us ?50 Francs to buy a beer for those of us that could Unicycle up the driveway to Grimsel Hospiz. I think Nathan, Beau, Bronson, Scot and me made it.

ive never gotten any money at all. ive gotten several comments and met a lot of cool people and stuff. but money would be nicer. you guys are lucky. im considering busking though soon here with my skating friend (hes good) to make money for christmas time. when busking do people really give money a lot or do u normally just look stupid sittin out-thats what im afraid of.

A kid once bought me a bag of popcorn for a dollar, just to see me eat while riding.