whos going to mondo? if you are could you post some info, i went on the website and couldnt find what i wanted i also dont have time to read it. like cost at the door and advanced,times, where, etc…


It’s not that hard to find the stuff on the website. The registration form (and detailed info) is at

Cost is $5 for a 3 day gym pass. Starts at 5 pm on Friday the 24th. Goes to midnight, then 10am to 2am on Saturday and 10am to 5pm on Sunday. Public show costs $10 and is Saturday evening.

i’m going and im in the show with tcuc.

i’ve made it that past couple years and it rules, sadly this year i have to miss it for work.

hey johnny maybe ill see you there

ill be going so ill probably see you (unijesse) there (is your name jesse?) . Its going to be pretty awesome. Maybe everyone could post a picture so we know who each other are?

What hotel is everyone staying at? (im pretty sure im at the Best Western)

Also take a look at this MONDO thread

i hope i can go, my mom prolly wont want to drive me to and from minneapolis(?) maybe i can find a ride from someone else and yes my name is jesse i have BIG blonde curly hair and a big forehead, maybe ill get a pic up soon

will i need my plastic pedals

If you have them, it would be good to put them on. Plastic is kinder to indoor riding surfaces.

I have my travel reservations. I plan to be there. I hope it warms up a bit before next week. Those of us from the South are not used to 8 degree (F) high temperatures.

yeah it should be around 0(farenheit), so mnot too cold, its been a crappy winter and we possibly will be getting snow (we were suposed to get an inch today but didnt)

I will be there, and filming for my next movie, try to make it!!

what exactly is mondo

( mean like where is it at and what not…)

go here i think thats the site