MONDO 2006 Pictures

Here’s a flickr photo set. Anyone else have pictures?

Great pictures!

I especially like the superman-pose by ryan! :slight_smile:

It was truly a fantastic weekend. Mondo is especially fun for people who like juggling in addition to unicycling. It seems to be split about 50/50 in terms of people and gym space etc.

And a big thanks to Connie, Andy, Kim and Myron for chauffeuring us everywhere, putting us up, and generally being awesome! Start planning now to attend next year, the 18th!

I didn’t get all that many, but here is a gallery of 23 photos I took:


Awesome Pictures!

Nathan & Nick,
Thanks for getting the pictures up so quickly!
TCUC has a few pictures on-line that were taken with the club camera at:

I had a great weekend too - much of it because of all the really wonderful people who came to Mondo.

Next year’s Mondo will be some time in February… when I know dates, I’ll post them here.

(wearing the hat of a Mondo organizer)

sadly, work forced me to skip this. next year i’ll definitely make it though. looks like a good time.

I had a great time at mondo, and will be making the trip annually I hope!

The TCUCists are a great bunch of people, special thanks to Connie for gathering up the actors and letting me drink a beer in her magic chair, and Gilby for putting up with several days of Canadian humour.

It was great to meet Leo something from the Netherlands as well!

Gilby and Leo enjoyed their very first poutines this weekend as well!

I love these events, getting to meet all sorts of new people, play on new toys, and seeing all the people I have met from other gatherings.

I have some great video from the weekend…but you are going to have to wait for it :slight_smile: (Me and Gilby got to preview some on a 42" HDTV. You can guess how that looks!!)

Leo What?

I got only very few clips, which I will add to once my iBook boots up.


you know, V as in fantastic?

I have contacted mac support, and they recommend squeezing the laptop harder to force a boot sequence

ROLFLOL! You had to be there.

I had a great time this weekend and it was a lot of fun to host both Leo V (as in fantastic) and Brian.

I tried to make some poutines today and I failed, oh well, there are plenty of leftover ingredients, so I can try again later.

Brian- We watched your “No Training Wheels Required.”


I’m going to shamelessly plug this video. Go buy it. The Coker stuff is AMAZING!

I’m looking forward to the next video.


Mondo was great fun. It gave my kid a chance to try trials for the first time. I will post a couple of short vids when I get the chance, but I get the feeling this trials thing is going to cost me eventually.

I enjoyed meeting Leo, Roland, Roger Davies, Wheel Rider, Ryan Atkins, and Brian McKenzie.

I hope to see them again and meet some more of you at NAUCC and Unicon.

I have more pics to share from one of the Mondo committee organizers. These are a little more focused on juggling, but there is still a few good pics of unicycling.

I’m going through Mondo-withdrawals… and the really sad part is that I’m at work now when I should be at practice. :frowning:


what are those?
wanna share some with the rest of us?

Technically, it’s ‘Poutine’ (it’s Canadian, eh?)

How to make:

Cook French Fries
Put Cheese (preferrably curds, but shredded will suffice)

(if there are a ton of fries, put cheese in between half, and then on top)

Cover with Gravy (preferrably Poutine gravy, but if you are in USA, Beef gravy will suffice)(not too much gravy as the very bottom fries might get gross)

Eat and crave more.

(if you are american and hosting me some weekend, don’t worry, I’ll bring all the ingredients!)

Poutines is a disgusting Canadian dish involving potatoes and gravy. I could describe what it looks like… but wont.

Did you or Joe get any pics from the weekend?


[QUOTE=Brian MacKenzie]

(if you are american and hosting me some weekend, don’t worry, I’ll bring all the ingredients!)


hummm, well lets see,
bother gilby to make me some…
have brian come all the way back down to make me some…

i think i will just bother gilby until he gives in…but who knows maybe it would be less effort to have you come and make it for me :slight_smile:

Connie, Brian’s description makes it sound a lot better than yours. I might eat it the way he describes it.

Only if you wish to be the happiest boy in the land

connie, thanks for the info… but i have to admit, i am a sucker for anything cheese related! it is just the wisconsinite in me i think!
i did get lots of pics and lots of video also.
i am planning on downloading them tonight, but after that, if you want, i will make a cd for you. since i am semi website stupid when it comes to figuring out what to do.
but i will have them on my website soon.