moments for tuubees {trade}

Hi everyone

I`d like to trade my 125mm KH moments (with rollos) for some tubular cranks preferable around 130mm-140mm long (groovies, K1s, etc.) they just need to be real isis. My moments are drilled although they are very small holes.

i`d prefer to keep this is Canada / U.S. if possible.


I have a pair of slightly bent K1 street cranks 135 tubular. I’d be willing to trade if you’d like. If not, i’ll talk to my friend and see if he will trade you a pair of his K1 Street cranks that are perfectly fine.

Let me know.


-kevin kartchner

I have some good condition k1 street cranks that I’d be willing to trade. I got them at the end of this summer and they aren’t bent but have scratching on the bottom of the cranks from some pedal grabs.