Modified KH Unicycle

I’ve been thinking of this design to improve a KH frame for a while now, and I just snapped mine, so I decided to put it to the test, and I finally got it done :smiley: New color scheme too :smiley:

Soon, this will have a new wheel, and a shaved MEC tire, but here is what it looks like…

I don’t think you need Facebook to see these pictures…

Can’t see the photo!

saw it on fb though.

Daym sick uni!

Stylin’ :sunglasses:

thats sweet looking

ive always wanted a uni designed like that to

logged into FB and couldn’t see the picture???

one word… AWESOME

Dude, thats actually really sick!

i dont see the point in it my self. it may make the crown stronger but it adds weight and makes most flat allmost impossible

Grrr… facebook is blocked from my work pc.
Trouble is, 10 hours from now when I’m home, this thread might be buried and/or I’ll forget to check it out.

Here’s one vote for posting actually pics instead of links.

I’ll try again later but it doesn’t seem to be working for me atm ahh

I dont have Facebook… can you post the pictures directly on the forum? It seems very cool;)

straight from FB, the content unavailable means colby has privacy settings enabled.

damn sick uni it is! :slight_smile:

Wow! At first I didn’t know it was a KH, It looks really cool! I like the color too;) I hope for you that this is going to work:)

Thats actually really cool. I wish they made more frames like that. But that frame looks more trials-ish not i thought yoou were a street/flat rider

and where did you get those seat handles

They are the same color so I’m sure he just painted them.

Yep, I just painted the handles and bumpers.

As for me being a trials rider, I can’t ride trials because of some knee issues, so nothing is changing, except now I have a beastly frame.

looks almost like an xtp. How is it for flat and street?