Modified KH fusion freeride saddle

I did. I enlarged the channel width-wise slightly, then cut the center portion of the cover, reinstalled it, glued the center section and the spray painted the white exposed foam. A new cover is cheap, so I didn’t sweat trying this idea. So far it seems so have worked out great!

Are you using the modified saddle on your muni?

Yeah that’s my Muni saddle; don’t have a coker yet. But when I do get one, it’ll be coming with a fusion ff as well, so then I’ll switch them then, since when I ride muni, I’m off the seat a fair amount of time and of course don’t do 20 milers on the muni!:smiley:

Yeah, it seemed to be a little overkill seat modification for most muni. Maybe long XC muni rides would get some benefit.

Go to a bike shop and look at the bike saddles. A few have a stretchy fabric covering the cutout. You might be able to do something similar with spandex or something.

That foam looks black, Whats up with that?

Yeah I sprayed it black so it would blend in better so the white foam wouldn’t be sticking out like a sore (albino) thumb! :sunglasses:

I don’t really see any seat mod as being overkill for comfort, no matter what the riding is. If your seat isn’t comfy then why would you want to ride it. I say if its a free mod, then it is always worth it.

Yeah, I did it primarily for coker riding. And pretty much every coker ride is a minimum of 20 miles. But even without the mod the saddle is the most comfy I’ve ever used. I want to start doing the full 50 mile bike path, from Torrance beach to where the path ends at the 25 mile mark, then back. A nice 6 hour excursion! (about 8 mph average with stops, and an average cruising speed of around 10-11 mph.)

Latest coker saddle modification

I did my original mod over a year ago and it worked great, but it was starting to wear out and come loose. This time I used better, more durable stretch fabric, and like before, I glued velcro strips into the foam channel. Then I placed the corresponding velcro pieces onto each piece in the channel, added a little CA glue to each piece, then layed in the fabric and pressed it into the channel to lock it in place.

The only steps left was to spray 3M adhesive to the rest of the foam base and underside of the material, then smooth and shape it over the foam and staple it to the base, and cut off the excess. Took me all of 10 minutes, and it’s ready to ride!

Yesterday I rode my 36er a mere 10 miles and I had saddle soreness; I was using the old stock KH fusion cover in the interim. What a difference this modification makes! :smiley:




That’s what I want to do with my seat. I want to widen the cut-out a little more and cut the cover completely away. The KH seat is a big improvement but I still get sore after an hour or two. I was afraid to cut it the way you did but now that you have tried it I feel better about it. What is the contact cement that you used? I just don’t want to use the wrong adhesive for something that will get really hot and sweaty. I also noticed you used a grinder to widen the cut-out. Does that work well? I was told to use an electric knife, but the grinder looks easier.

I didn’t widen this particular foam base; I just used it stock which seemed to be fine as long as the material goes down into it. Yes you can use the wheel grinder and it works well, but wear a dust mask if you do it.

I used 3M spray adhesive and it works really well! Spray both sides that you want to stick and just press down and smooth out. It remains tacky for a while so it’s easy to reposition while you are stretching it around the foam and smoothing it out. Also, do this with the foam on the plastic base.

I reopen this thread cause I did nearly the same thing to my saddle and decreased my crotch pain issues.

I speak about it on this Post .

this is the copy/past of my post:

I’m still with the freeride, since my last post I also tried to enlarge the groove inside the foam, and I stretched the cover during all the week end.
Then I tested it on a 38 km ride and found that it was a bit better.
But the cover didn’t stay on the bottom of the groove.

So, inspired by a tutorial video from Terry I decided to do the same thing (nearly).

I removed the cover, sanded more foam to make the groove larger and deeper.
Then I super-glued a scratch band to the bottom of the groove and stitched the other scratch band to the inside of the cover (this part was easier than I thought) and just put all together.
I didn’t put any spray glue on the cover.

Not: this is an old kh cover with extensible tissue on the top of it.

Here are some photos :

Sorry for the fuzzy photo:

Modified the photo luminosity to make the groove appear.

While the test ride:

I tested this setting yesterday on a 54km very mixed G36 ride.
It was way better, at least during the first 45km, then it started to be a bit less comfortable for the last 10 km.

The ride started at about 1 pm and I was back home at 6 or 7 pm, even if I took many breaks, I spent a lot of time on the saddle cause I also had a lot of low speed parts (walking speed) .
Considering that, the crotch pain I used to feel came very later than without this modification.

I also used to wear two padded shorts at the same time but started to use one only 3 or 4 rides ago to avoid numbness on the crotch area.
So It feels harder than when I wear two padded shorts but the crotch pain is just not there anymore.

The only downside is when I go out of the saddle and on again quickly (bump, hops) sometimes it hurts, for Men reasons, you know what I mean… but I’m rather happy with this simple mod.

Thanks Terry for this (old) vidéo

Thanks for finding this thread. I’m like you UniDreamerFR, I wear two biking shorts when I ride.

Did you use a file to remove the foam? How much wider and deeper did you make the groove?

Yes a big file and it’s about one inche wide, more or less, I didn’t measure it.

I just removed my saddle cover and measured the groove width at 3/4" so I may go as wide as 1 1/4".

Just FYI, a sanding drum attachment on a Dremel tool works really well for shaping the foam. That’s what I used.

Pressure on the entire anal-genital region is the enemy! :angry:

I have done this mod to 4 or 5 seats and it makes a big difference,
but my experience has shown me that the groove should be twice as wide as you’ve shown AND as deep as possible. Measure your “sit bones” first (no video tutorial) to give you an idea how wide you can go.

An electric carving knife is a good tool for the vertical cuts, then you can use serrated long bread knife for the horizontal cuts and then rasp, and then file.

I see that Bungee Joe can go 52 miles without a dismount – maybe he will share his wisdom…

Anything I would share will be total thread jack. I’ve only used KH stock saddles for the last eight or ten years and the most minimal or no padding cycle short I can find.

I don’t worry about how the saddle feels at the start of the ride. I worry about how it will feel after 8 hours, what will the saddle be doing to me in the second half of the day. Will I have any skin left when I ride tomorrow and have I done any nerve damage?

Joe Myers

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Have you tried a flat seat?

I really can’t talk about long distance rides (haven’t done nearly any riding in the past three years), but the last thing i did to all my (M)unis was to flatten the saddle base (search for ghetto flat seat).
And i bought a Fusion Zero for my 36" (KH has released a Fusion One in the meantime too)



I didn’t yet, this was an attempt to make a relatively easy mod to improve the freeride without modifying the base.
If I finish by not liking this saddle enough with this mod I’ll rather buy a kh One.