want new seat, need opinions

My wife just got me a KH freeride for my birthday but I can’t tell you if it’s any good because when I opened the box I noticed the bag was already open and the two front post bolts were just in had to use a Allen key to remove the Rear’s wound in and out by hand , the front handle had one crossed bolt which does not matter but there appears to be marks under the handle like a stiffening plate for a handle bar had been installed, upon contacting retailer was told I damaged it ( no I did not ) it’s a trip to the hardware shop for a tap to try and fix it or I will have lots of spares for my next seat. :roll_eyes:

It is all relative… :smiley:

I’d just like to throw in my vote for NOT the KH Zero. Even with a handlebar, it’s not for the faint of heart. I think the One has had the kinks worked out from the Zero, but I’ve yet to try one. Soon… :slight_smile:

There’s not been much feedback on the One. Anybody here has one?

I found the Nimbus Stadium too hard. It was quite good for about 15 km, but after that not so much. I know there’s a new version out now that is softer and more rounded than the one I have. Roger talks about it here: https://youtu.be/YeEzvDxasLs?t=151 Has anyone tried it?

I’ve also tried the Qu-Ax Eleven with dual density foam. It’s softer than my Stadium but still too hard for my likings.

So I’ve ended up with the new KH Fuson Freeride that is not perfect but still the best option (never tried the KH Zero or One).

I saw a tv program yesterday about a guy who set a Guinness record by riding a stationary bike for 111 hours. His butt was completely blue afterwards, so maybe I shouldn’t complain.

well after the responses here and doing a little more research I decided to pull the trigger on a KH Freeride. hopefully it will suit my needs. besides like others have said it’s bound to be a big improvement over the stock seat
Thanks for all the comments and thoughts

Argh! I gave up on the perfect saddle. I have the original stadium, KH1 and Zero. That’s too much money spent on “testing” product for Roger and Kris. I’ll stick with my KH Street saddle.

I only bought my Stadium brand new last month… does that mean I have this new one? It’s hard as a rock, so not sure how he can say it’s softer :smiley:

It only counts as testing if you’ve shared your feedback. And I know what you mean. Now I’m probably going to buy the One, but not planning to sell the Zero because who would want it? So it becomes a “collector’s item”. :slight_smile:

For aj1500, I think you’ve made an excellent choice and I’m sure you will love it compared to your LX saddle!

FWIW I find the Zero to be just fine with handlebars. Probably wouldn’t use it without though.

If you’re comfortable chopping your saddle up and making changes then there are many options. On my muni I have a Nimbus Gel which I’ve flattened somewhat and reshaped the foam. It’s good enough that I haven’t bothered looking elsewhere.

I got mine last year at Unicon, I guess it’s a v1 - sharp angle and hard as a rock. It’s good for the shaffing, but it’s a bit rough after 10k.
Roger refers to v3 in the video. I wonder where you can get the info about the changes, and the timeframe of those changes.

I found the Nimbus Stadium too hard. It was quite good for about 15 km, but after that not so much. I know there’s a new version out now that is softer and more rounded than the one I have. Roger talks about it here: https://youtu.be/YeEzvDxasLs?t=151

Soft and more rounded both sound like improvements to me. I have an older version; it was too firm, and the sharp edge chafed a bit.

The new gussets on the seatpost that Roger mentions also sound like an improvement!

My favorite saddle these days is the KH One, which I liked enough to buy another. I use them on my XC and road unicycles. For “real” muni I still like my semi-flattened KH Freeride Fusion best, for the extra padding.

I’m a newbie (just 3 weeks of exp, can ride shorter distances) with similar problem to the OP looking for a saddle for my first uni. So I’m just gonna post here.

So far I’ve spent couple of dozen hours on a QU-AX Luxus seat. Based on this I wish my own one was flatter and/or had a good groove. Whichever will help with not stopping the bloodflow to my junk and isn’t so confining for manparts in general.

Options that I have:
Kris Holm Fusion One
Kris Holm Fusion Street
Nimbus Gel

I’d immediately get KH Fusion One because of the huge groove and flatness but unfortunately it has a huge drawback of having kind of non-standard interface… Not cool. Still considering though if the others don’t suit.
How do these 3 compare to each other? (grooves/pressure on perineum/stiffness)
And how big of a problem this flat more bicycle style seat for a newbie really is? I’ve seen it mentioned here on the forums and KH site… Is it really that bad? Because KH Fusion One looks so much more comfortable than the bananas :slight_smile:

I don’t have a kh One but one of the stuffs that, I guess, increases the comfort for long rides (by avoiding, or at least delaying a certains kind of pain) is the very visible long hole in the center of the saddle (all the way).

Other Kh saddles (and not only kh saddles) have it dug in the foam but the cover pretty hides it and makes it useless.
I modified one of my fusion freeride saddles for the G36 (inspired by a tutorial from Terry) to make the tissue stay at the bottom (and dig the hole as well to make it larger).
It greatly improved the comfort.

Here is how I did this

I was given a One because the owner hated it. None of the the local riders like either the Zero or One and will gladly give away what comes standard. I thought I might try to un-flatten a One so I took a free One home with me. I still have not made any modification.

Finally decided to try riding on the One prior to ordering any new KH unicycles. After a week of trying it on short commute trips I decided a decent length ride was needed. It is not my favorite saddle but I managed 52 miles nonstop, almost fourteen hours on the One saddle, and 122 plus miles from Bellingham Bay to Artist Point and back for a decent one day test.

A few weeks later I did a 42 miles nonstop through Seattle during rush hour traffic. A little over three hours in the seat.

From my first ride on the One I have though it is horrible for the first mile. No worse for any length beyond the first mile. Many other saddles are great for the first mile and become progressively worse as distance increases.

Your experiences with the One more than likely will be very different from mine. Most riders quickly either hate the One or love it. To me the One is just okay. I’m smallish and one size doesn’t fit all. We would never tolerate only one size fits all shoes. But with such a limited market saddles are molded for child or adult. Take it or leave it.

Joe Myers


I did give my feedback in another thread.

Firm? I also have a Zero and compared to that the Stadium is a marshmallow. Being used to ultra-hard bike saddles (and having been one of the pioneers of flattening saddles) I expected to like the Zero but didn’t for some reason. The Stadium is the best I’ve tried, but if anything I might choose for it to be a bit firmer. I presume I have a V1 as I’ve had it almost a year? In which case I guess I’d want to find another V1 rather than a newer one if I got another.

Should probably try a One at some point, but sad that my Zero probably has no resale value given I’d only get a One to replace it with.

I’d take One!:slight_smile:

I tried Stadium, Zero, fusion freeride and street. I prefer Zero and I’m only one :slight_smile: I Prefer it over Stadium which had huge flex. Only disadvantage of Zero Is, that it Is not compatable with reinforcement plate…

The idea is that it doesn’t need it - I’m running handlebars with mine (I presume most people with one have bars, it’s awful without).