Mobile Apps You Ride With?

I didn’t have a smart phone back when I was able to ride. Now that I can ride again, I was wondering if there are any interesting apps people take with them when they ride.

I use runkeeper:

Strava seems to be a popular one :slight_smile: I’ve used it a bit, but generally don’t bother :smiley:

Charity Miles is a great one, yet I always forget to turn it on. You earn money for the charity of your choice for every mile you walk, run or cycle. There’s about 25 charities you can choose from. The money is paid by corporate sponsors. It’s a free App. I use Strava to track most of my rides for speed, distance, maps, etc.

Thanks guys! I’ll check these all out.

On Android, I like to use MyTracks that is a simple GPS tracking app.

Android 4.4.2 Kitkat Phone - I tested Runtastic and Endomondo. I think Endomondo is better because you can see it in the sun (the interface is more readible) and also you have voice info in free version (every kilometer I hear distance, pace and time per kilometer). With Runtastic its only in payed version. Also in battery stats I see Endomondo as more economic. Wrong side is that in both apps you cannot set UNICYCLE as activity :confused:



I use Cycledroid. It has way more info than I need, but it has cool graphs. Free with no ads. Good price.

The only smartphone i use is a nokia with WP7.8 (the phone my company gave me) and with this i use BikeBlackBox. It’s a simple GPS-Tracker (average speed, max. spedd, altitude, time, distance, map, etc.) that produces GPX files that i use with my STRAVA account.



Map my ride, it has a tracker just for unicycling