Moab type thing in Australia anyone?

Hey guys,
I was looking at some of the Moab stuff and it looks pretty cool. Any Australian unicyclists know of any good places for MUni? I think it’d be awesome to have an annual Muni event in Australia, but not sure of any good places to have it. If not MUni then we should definitey have some sort of big annual uni meet.

judging by the Lord of the Rings movies, seems like New Zealand would be a sweet place to ride. and I betcha Australia, being close, is similar to New Zealand.

If you go far enough out of civilization there’s a crap load of grassy hills, forrest and bushland. It’s picking one such place and getting the right directions that’s the hard part.

Where abouts in victoria are you?
you should check out the chiltern muni weekend, although im not sure when it is this year. there is stuff on these forums about it though. otherwise go to

do you do any street or trials? we should go for a ride some time.



I’m Keven, I saw you at the Melbourne meet about 2 months ago (I had the green bc wheel) I was thinking some sort of not so big mountain ranges, like the Cathedral ranges. I do some street and trials stuff but not a lot. I’ll probably be going to the city this sunday if you wanna come.

A few years ago Andrew carter threw the Australian Mountain Unicycle weekend In Brisbane which was a most triumphant long weekend of Muni on the Mt Cootha DH trails. I had such a good time that if he, or anyone else who is lucky enough to live near kickass trails, wants to organise such an event, i would make any effort to get there!

I’m looking into some mountain ranges in rural victoria but if anyone could point me in the direction of an awesome mountain track that’d be a big help.

What do people think of riding the Great Ocean road? I was thinking either Great ocean road (near apollo bay) or the Dandenong ranges. Anyone have anything good/bad to say about riding either of these?

Moab in Aus

I am in the process of organising the Muniuni Weekend at Chiltern and in the Chiltern National Park.

It is not exactly like Moab, but I want it to be a Muni weekend foremost.

This year I am planning for 20th and 21st May. There are some good rides around here. I plan for basic trial riding, but the terrain can suit what you want.

I will endeavour to keep potential riders updated.


Sounds cool, I’ll most likely be there. Is it a “get from point a to point b” type thing or “get here and just uni 'round for a while” type thing? And how much would it cost?

The forest has so many tracks from roads to single tracks. Last year we went in circles, so ended up where we started. Pipeline is a challenge as it is extremely steep. Some riders did it, it still scares me!

Cost: you have to be in the AUS for insurtances and I charge an extra $10.00for an early entry and $20.00 for on the day entry. That is for all weekend.


How would one go about becoming a member of AUS?

Last year at my event you could join on the day and I posted the money and the information off to AUS. It was about $20.00 per year. The executive have changed since then, so the fees etc should be same for this year. Their web page seems to have disappeared but I am waiting for its return for more information. They have given me the OK so far to run the event.

I need participants to be in the AUS for insurance reasons. Once again…for insurance, I need the insurance to use the local council land and the National Park.

Also I noticed that you are 14. Anyone under 18 will need a supervising adult and parents permission to be involved. I ride every other day as an individual, but as soon as I call it an event things change regarding insurance etc. I hope you understand.


I’d love to ride inland Australia. An Alice Springs MuniFest would be fantastic, I reckon! Similar to Moab in parts, I’d image…not that I’ve ever been to Alice Springs. I’d like to though.

The thing that I find so inviting about Moab is how open it is and how you can choose your own lines down hills…in fact, you can choose your hills. I’ll make it there one day. I’m really keen to meet all the muni riders from the forums here, either at Moab or around Santa Barbara.


So i have to get my mum to sign a thing saying that i go. Will i have to bring my own adult or will you supply one on the day?

I’ll tell you what, Andrew. If you pay for the plane ticket over here, I’ll pay for your campsite. :smiley:

Not quite, some areas have macro-biotic soil and are off-limits (one foot-print can destroy hundreds of years of growth that is barely visible) - if the authorities catch you, you could be in deep doo-doo, besides, it’s not a smart thing to do.
Sorry to burst your bubble.:o
Of course there is enough rock that there isn’t any real problem, which is one of the reasons it’s not smart - peaceful co-existence is a good thing. :sunglasses:

The answer is yep and nope. You would need your Mum to sign and no I will not be supplying a supervising adult on the day. Sorry but this is an organised event, I need the insurance and thems are the rules.


Damn, in that case i might not be able to go for about 3 years. I’ll try my best but I’m not sure if i’ll be able to bring an adult. Thanks anyway, definitely going when I’m 18 though.


participant under 18

Just to follow up, I hope you appreciate my position. I ride in the national park every other day and paddle on the Murray River. Both involve risk and there is no insurance cover to worry about, but as soon as I call it an event I have to have permission and that involves a 10 million insurance cover. My local canoe club just ran their annual race, so they had similar rules and I had to sign a waiver and pay an insurance premium to be in the race.

Sounds crazy. You will find the organisers of MOAB would be in the same position.

When I find out who is coming, maybe you might be able to find someone who is bringing their kids up from Melb (or down or whatever) who will be responsible for you. So please keep in touch if you really want to be involved.

Last year was a great little event.