Moab / Theft / This community is great!

Hey, as everyone who was at Moab probably knows, Our rental car was broken into in our hotel parking lot sometime during Friday night of the festival. Whoever broke in was trying to steal the car (we suspect) but could hotwire it. So they took everything of value that was in the car; including my uni.

I talked to Rolf and he let me borrow a unicycle of his own for the weekend (Thank you Rolf!)
At the pasta dinner on Saturday he announced that my uni had been stolen and requested that we pass around a hat so everyone could donate a few dollars to fund my new uni. When the hat was finished passing there was $300 in it!

I am really impressed that everyone was willing to donate to buy a guy they’d never met before a new uni. I don’t think I could get that kind of support from anyone else. You guys are great!

In addition, John Drummond from has offered to give me a discount on a new unicycle, which is very generous of him.

I just wanted to make it known that everyone who donated to my new uni fund gets a well deserved thank you. I am very appreciative.


P.S. The uni that was stolen was an older model QU-AX 24" Muni with a rail adapter seat post. If anyone sees this uni for sale on EBAY or anywhere else please let me know immediately so I can notify police and catch the thief. Thanks again.

What kinda uni are you gonna replace it with?

Wow. A bad situation (flying out to Utah to have your unicycle stolen before a weekend of riding) turned into a positive situation (unicyclists coming together, loaning you a unicycle, and helping you fund a new one). Once again this shows how great and generous the unicycle community is towards each other.

I read this then told my wife the story, before I could comment she stated how nice the unicycle folks are. :slight_smile: Hopefully you’ll have your new ride soon, and hopefully they’ll also nab the person or people who did this.

wow, thats great. and yea im sorry about that. id be pissed perdy good. but $300 would definitly help for a new uni. teehee! nice.

and … i LOooooooOOove Moab, but last time i was there some teens drove by and shot me with airsoft guns while i was just riding around in town. hah…didn’t really bother me, but yet i felt perdy pissed for a second or 2 there. well anyway…yea goodluck in picking out your new uni!

nimbus 2 24"
sorry to hear about your UNi
but this is a great exsample of how great the uni community is

This is like the kind of story you might hear from your grandfather :). Thanks for sharing and I’m glad it worked out for you and to be part of such a great community.

That’s awesome and that is how most unicyclist are. Very nice and friendly, which is one of the reasons why I’ve stuck with it for over 18 years…went to every NAUCC since '92, every Unicon since '94 and every MOAB since '06 and plan to go to them for years and years to come! :slight_smile: