Moab Munifest 2024 - March 15-17

Come ride with other unicyclists in the most legendary muni spot on Earth! If you’ve been to Moab before, we’ll be riding one new trail system Friday to spice things up!

++++++REGISTER HERE!+++++++

Register by March 1st to guarantee space on the Porcupine Rim shuttle. March 11th is the absolute cut-off for registering for the shuttle.

Trail selection will be modified if group size gets very large and different levels of trails are necessary. Expect that all selected rides will be fairly challenging. If you would like easier trail options, please let us know.

This is a Unicycling Society of America-sanctioned event. This means all participants will need to register as USA member. Registration is FREE, aside from USA membership dues.

Chisolm Trail
(7 mile downhill, self-shuttle)
1:00pm - leave from campground (Sun Outdoors Canyonlands Gateway)

Porcupine Rim
(15 mile epic downhill, $35 paid shuttle, dropping off at LPS)
8:15am - shuttle picks up from Moab Bridge Boat Launch (where the Colorado River crosses the main highway)

Amasa Back / Cliffhanger / Captain Ahab
(out-and-back, 5~8 miles)
10:00am - meet at lower parking lot (expect 15 minute hike from lower trailhead)…/171635/amasa-back-cliffhanger

Sun Outdoors Canyonlands Gateway…/sun-outdoors-canyonlands…
Most people stay in tent sites 5-10 and cabins A-D.
It’s not the cheapest, but it’s the only local commercial campground where you can have a fire.

NOTE: This is NOT the Jeep Safari weekend and NOT the weekend of the Porcupine Rim bike race.


I was unfortunately unable to attend but would love to see some video if anyone has some.

Hey @haskinsc , we are sharing video with others now, and hopefully an edit will be out in the near future!

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Thanks @thenoli , how’s it progressing? :drooling_face:

Hi @haskinsc! I can confirm a video edit is coming together!

However, since it will be premiering at UNICON this July, it won’t be available to view online until then. If you can’t wait that long, I know several riders have posted some of their own clips online.