Moab Munifest 2022

Muni returns to Moab this spring!


Facebook event page (can be viewed even if you are not on Facebook): this is where everything will be updated, so check there for latest details

Rides & Accommodations

Bull Run
(shuttle hopefully)

Porcupine Rim
(shuttle, starting from LPS)

Amasa Back / Cliffhanger / Captain Ahab
(out-and-back, 5~8 miles)

Sun Outdoors Canyonlands Gateway

It’s not cheap and not great, but it’s the only local campground where you can have a fire.

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some of us are not connected to facebook (and don’t want to register :japanese_goblin: ) so please can you post the whole project on this forum and can you do it earlier next year because people from far far away need to fix their calendar many many months in advance (I went to 2 previous munifest but being french it’s a long way from home)
thanx and have fun!


“Ch, ch, ch, ch… changes. Turn and face the strange. Ch, ch, ch, ch… changes.”

I don’t do facebook either but I do realize that I may have to bend to be involved with the masses.
To ask others to do extra work (when you are not prepared to) seems a little much.

Luckily for Noli, we both have accepted computers in our lives so we don’t need a handwritten invite.
So, thanks to Noli for everything he’s already doing. (…and all the stuff he will be doing!)

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I totally understand not wanting to be part of the Facebook/Meta machine. The event page on Facebook is set to “public” so anyone on or off facebook can view the event. The Facebook event page was published and released back in November, but since I no longer frequent the forums, I forgot to post here until recently. Plus, I assumed international riders would not be joining since travel is still very tricky with the pandemic. Anyway, I hope you can join us in the future.

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I will ! the only drawback is to find a proper Muni: there is a 26 at a bike rental but frankly last time I rode it I was :frowning_face:

See ya’ll there!

It’s been 16 years since my first (and last) MMF. Would be great to attend this one.

Come on out!

I’m hoping to.

REGISTRATION has been added to the original post. Registration will be necessary prior to the event to get shuttle space. Also, this will be a Unicycling Society of America (USA)-sanctioned event. That gives us insurance for the event, and potential funding help. It means you’ll need an active USA membership, which is $25/year. Please understand, I’m not charging for organizing this event, so the USA support is greatly appreciated, so be sure to register with the USA, even if this is the only USA event you do all year.

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