Moab Munifest 2022 Video

Back in the spring after Moab Munifest I made this film from the event and although it’s been shared all throughout facebook, I realized that I never shared it here. I had such a good time filming and riding with everyone on some amazing trails. @thenoli was a great host and I look forward to returning to Moab in years to come.


As someone not on Facebook, thanks for posting this here. Really nice video, talented riders but also great editing by you! :+1:


Amazing video. I was there a month later, around May 1st and I recognize a lot of Porcupine Rim Trail. A lot of the sections you guys rode, we had to walk, and so did every mountainbiker there. This is the most amazing place I’ve ever ridden and well worth the trip from Norway. You don’t have to be an expert to ride there, if you just walk the most technical stuff.


Great video, Will! I hadn’t seen it either, because I’m not on FB.

See you at STOMP!

– Marty/Tracy/Dogs


Thank you so much!

Thank you! Too bad you could not have made it a month earlier. I definitely agree with you about not having to be an expert. As long as you bring enough food and water, you will have a great day riding what you can and hiking the rest. (I did my fair share of both too)

Thanks Marty, I’m glad you guys enjoyed it. Look forward to seeing you at STOMP as well!

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