MOAB Munifest 2020!

Moab Munifest returns in 2020! Let Mountain Unicycles roam the Moab deserts yet again!

This will be a Unicycling Society of America-sanctioned event! This means all participants will need to register as USA member (which is $20/yr).

Campground: Archview RV Resort & Campground

Friday 3/13:
-Beginner/Intermediate = Cliffhanger
-Advanced = Captain Ahab
12:00 meet at campsite
1:00 meet at trailhead (same trailhead for both trails)
ride time = 2-4 hours

Saturday 3/14:
-Beginner = Slickrock (short loop)
10:00am - leave from campsite
ride time = 2-3 hours

-Advanced = Procupine Rim
8:30am - shuttle leaves campsite
ride time = 4-8 hours

7pm Group Dinner @ The Atomic Grill

Sunday 3/15:
-Beginner/Advanced = Bartlett Wash
this trail has plenty of options for both beginner and advanced options
10:00 - leave from campsite

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