Moab - MUni the Dinosaur Tracks

Father and Daughter MUni’ing around the Dinosaur Footprints !

Oops, my bad. Lily is actually riding through one of the tracks. This spot is really cool, the dinosaur took a 90 degree turn while cruising, and went up the hill. This quick change of direction is virtually impossibe to accomplish for such a large animal.


I have to ask, though, don’t they prohibit stuff that would damage the tracks?

Nice shot… Klondike Bluffs?

At least it’s not too hot in Moab this time of year. :slight_smile:
Was there any snow on the ground yet?

     It's real close to Klondike Bluffs trail, on the same side of the highway. 
     The La Sal mountains were accumulating snow, but not in the Moab area. Since then, there has been one storm where the snow level was that low.