MN Trials areas

Has someone begun compiling areas here in Minnesota that are good for trials riding?

The reason I ask is that I have only had my trials uni for 5 days, and I’m going nuts waiting to take it out riding on some decent trails. Went out to our local playground today, but I had to face the fact that I live in a FREEZING TUNDRA called MINNESOTA!!! I only got in 15 minutes of riding before my fingers went numb.

I would appreciate ANYTHING someone can offer. If this idea has been hashed around already, please refer me to that forum message.

Places I already can’t wait to ride are Taylor’s Falls on the St Croix and the trails in Duluth.



where in Mn are you talking about? maybe we could hook up some time for some riding. Im in MPLS, and there are some decent places. not much for the winter, but when it’s dry there are good times ahead.

What about exploring indoor trials riding? Even here in the South it getts too cold or too wet to go out and play. I have discovered a ton of places like park pavilions, parking garages, large building basements, etc.

I havent found any pavillians or things, but mondo might be a good place to check out. feb 7-9 in St. Paul. were gonna have a few trials obsticles set up.

I think that there are 6 of us from the MUC that will be making the trip to the MONDO. We can’t wait!

I know you guys are comming, I meant don should come to meet the local group here.

Mondo Fest

Jerry Martin and Dave Walbridge both reminded me of Mondo coming up here in MN.

I have two shows on Saturday and two on SUnday, but I will try and get over there either Friday night, Saturday daytime, or both.

Sad to say, as good as Mondo is, I have yet to attend one of them. Everyone that HAS tells me it is worth the time to get there, if only to pass clubs with people unceasingly Yeah!

See you there.


Re: Mondo Fest

Hope So!