MMMM! - The Movie

Hey guys!
Did a short movie of MMMM! Theres some other random footage in there too that we hadn’t used in any of our previous vids too, just to bulk it out a bit.
The youtube link actually plays it more in time than the photobucket one.


I will post the youtube link up in the morning, because its late and youtube is still processing the video.



Very nice dancing gents.

that made me laugh and wish i could somehow have gone

I don’t know if it’s just me, but that video is annoyingly laggy/jerky :frowning:

Yeah mate. Photobucket is crap for videos.
Heres the youtube link, its much better!



Pendulum, nice :sunglasses: Nicely put together video, looks like there’re some nice spots around there!

hahaha love the dancing, but why no uni dancing? :stuck_out_tongue:

ya i love muni! funny dancing and music

We don’t want to make ourselves look like idiots!

well you saves your self well from that with masks! :stuck_out_tongue:

What were yall doing to shauns pic.


You dont wanna know :wink:


Nice dancing joe :smiley:

Ha, looks pretty mint guys.

Thanks for the little dedication Joe mate haha.

Edd, Leo, its been to long. You going to try and go to Wukenshortszen thingy with the rest of us?


Where is it? When is it? How much is it going to cost me? Gotta get my passport sorted too. Would love to join in the shenanigans!
Gotta come to one of these international things sooner of later, we’ve got a reputation to uphold!



Do it, eeerrr, flights are about £70-£80. Reg is about £35. Its on the 18th to the 20th of January in Cologne (Germany).

Wunschkonzert Countdown! is the countdown with the people going and is the website.


Cheers dude!