MMMM Picture Thread

Right, seeing as I have so many pictures, I have decided to make a new thread for Mmmm pictures.

I have barely any from the Saturday, which is a shame. Mostly because I love chicksands and can’t help but ride when im there!

So Here goes:


Joe, filming himself riding the Northshore.

Leo, eating lunch whilst sitting on his comfy chair :roll_eyes:


The unicyclemobiles!

Joe’s awesome van.

What’s he doing with tha…?? Ow!

Padding up! Wussies!



GK, ripping it up for Jerrick!

Joe, catching some SWEET air!

Me taking a picture of GK, taking a picture of Joe and Leo!

Leo, about to kick Joe in the head. Give him one from me Leo!

Arty shot, was supposed to be anyway!

The loverboys!

Eating lunch on Joes cool fold out table!

Joe, flying!

This is what staying with me and Leo for a weekend can do to you. Joe, a shaking nervous wreck on the floor.

I managed to get Gavin to smile for a photo!

Looking down the trail.

Just a nice spot in the woods.


More unicycles!

The gang, taking a break on our comfy chairs!

There you go, thats all of the good ones. Iv only just noticed, theres not that many of us actually riding!

It was a great weekend and I really enjoyed myself! Thanks to all those that turned up, it was good to see some familiar faces and meet a new one (Johnathon).
I know some of the others got some photos, get them up! I want to see my bails down that hill!
Cheers for a great time everyone!

Rock on!

My Photos Here from the Saturday at Chicksands.

If any one wants the full size copies let me know.

Cheer Neil

What a great weekend! Despite not getting home till 1.20am, then getting up for work at 6 this morning - ahh!

Great to spend time with Edd and Leo - truly top gents, riding at Chicksands again, with Neil, Loose, Anna, Dave and Johnathan, going ‘Bowling with Shaun’ and getting merry on Saturday night, getting rudely awakened on Sunday morning, Just Brownies and an expensive but lovely burger, riding with GK, lunch with the boys, and fooling round with the video camera and random disguises to Pendulum and French Ska music :stuck_out_tongue:

I love all the photos - there are some really great ones in there! I’m still trying to get my footage onto my computer…

Again, thanks for a top weekend lads, your mums roast was lovely :sunglasses:


wow that looks like some real good fun, muni does look really cool (so does disance actually…)

Time to start eh?

Nice photos all round!

I still can’t visualise Neil with no sunglasses, even though there’s a whacking great photo of him shades-less.
It’s like bangers with no mash.

Has this been posted somwere at some point and I’ve missed it? :thinking: -I wana see how the ‘joe cam’ worked out.

I’m afraid the ‘joe cam’ didn’t actually film anything, i think the record button was knocked whilst re-adjusting the angle or summit, shame would have been good.


When it was stuck down his back he asked me to fold the screen shut so it wouldn’t get damged if he bailed. Turns out this turns the damn thing off.

oh no, that would have been awsome footage