miyate skycycle crank arms

I ride my unicycle mainly for trailsin’ so i decided to get a trials bike. I got an old scool haro trails bike at my local bike shop. The bike is awesome but it has an old one piece crank. I am planning on getting a three piece crank. I noticed that the miyata giraffes have small chainwheels. If anybody has one could you please tell me how many teeth there are and how long the cranks are. These seem to be the cheapest solution rather than buying and expensive crank set and not sticking with the bike. It will be very helpful.


i count 24 teeth in this pic.


Re: miyate skycycle crank arms

I recently queried the newsgroup about these SkyCycle cranks and got no
reply. Isn’t anyone riding these things?

Unicycle Factory has plenty of these on hand:
5.5" Cotterless Crank set, with 20 tooth Sprocket, 9/16" pedal thread $20


Tom Miller says these are for a 1/8 inch chain. He says that generally the
sprockets are not precisely on-center with the crank arm.

Tom also has many sizes of sprockets for very reasonable price (same web

I ordered a crank and a sprocket. Shipping was $10 from Indiana to Vermont.
I had to send him a check (in an envelope, with a stamp).


Mark Newbold
Montpelier, Vermont USA

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