Miyata seat /w Sem XL (how?)

I haven’t really been able to find out on my own, and even then, looking through old posts hasn’t returned much, unless I’m looking in entirely the wrong places, which I probably am… and, well, I’m not really knowledgable of these kinds of things (post searching and uni tech), so forgive me if it’s something dead obvious… :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, I’m thinking of replacing my Semcycle XL seat with a Miyata seat. How do I go by this? Will it fit?

For that matter, should I even be getting a Miyata seat in the first place? What’s a decent seat, at that?


The seat will fit perfectly fine.
Here’s a picture of my old one;

The miyata seat requires a special seat post.

if you have long legs you should buy the GB4 Universal 400mm Seat Post:

If you have normal legs, you should buy the Miyata 300-mm (11-inch) Unicycle Seat Post:

If you can buy the miyata seat and 300mm seat post together for $40.

I you are going to spend $40, you might as well spend $48 for the Kris Holm seat made by Velo. It has incredibly thick padding and has the most comfortable padding. The Kris Holm seat will fit on your old semcycle seat post, so you won’t have to buy a new post. The only downside to a Kris Holm seat is that it can’t be converted to an airseat like a Miyata.