Miyata seat post needed

We need a 400-500 mm seat post (longer the better) that will fit the old Miyata saddles. Unicycle.com does not carry the seatposts any more. Our current posts are 300 mm long and Brad seems to have grown some longer legs than he used to have.

I can be reached at yoopers98 at yahoo.com.


What is the diameter of the post? You could maybe take a Torker post and put a slot on the bottom of it and a seatpost clamp to step down to a 22.2 post that should fit the Miyata. The nice thing is that you could always use it without the extension post if you needed it shorter. I think the LX post is 400mm’s standard, so if you go this route you will probably be cutting it down a little.

I know that there are a bunch of people who upgraded their Torkers to more conventional seatposts.

Miyata used to make a seatpost extension that would add another 100mm’s or so to your seatpost. It looks like Tom Miller at “the Unicycle Factory” has something like that as well.