Miyata saddle foam inserts

I have eight of these free for the taking. Just pay the shipping.

Email me at bruceedwards at verizon dotnett.

does this only fit certain models or does it like squish to the right size

Evan wants one.

Evan also wants one of the bumpers that was on the saddle that came off of.

Beener needs a post for that seat base. I really, Really need the post for a 22.5 frame. My miyata came with no post, HEEEELLLP

I need one of these for my LX seat

No, they pretty much only fit the standard Miyata unicycle saddle. They can squish but not all that well.


I don’t know what I have downstairs in my workroom. I think I have parts to make up one or two Miyata air saddles to sell but I won’t know for sure until I get to the projects. They’re on the list. Once I know what I have, I’ll list stuff here, but it might be awhile.


how thick are they, unsquished

oh my Pagan god, is that what we have come to? a “squish quosiant”

i’ll tell you what Yoop, as soon as your tired of the banter i will PM you my address,. them give me yours…for 8 bucks you can jam all 8 deflated :wink: pads into one of those bulk rate Priority boxes them send them to me and i will send you the 8 bucks shipping.


You would have been my very first choice, of course. But unfortunately they are all spoken for. I can’t believe it, they went so fast. I didn’t think anyone would be interested in them and actually thought I’d have to throw them away. I’ll keep you in mind for the next eight Miyata seats I buy. :slight_smile: