Miyata Custom fork uni pro performer

Still on my search for the right freestyle unicycle for under 400 USD i was able to find this and was wondering what you guys though of it, i did the calculations for shipping and everything and it comes out to around 395 or something, heres a link to it , as the title says it it a miyata custom fork uni pro performer


that is a very nice unicycle. Ive been trying to find the miyata unicycles japan website again so thanks for that:p

yeah it took me a while to find it

other than the koxx signature this is the first freestyle uni i’ve found that actually has a low flat crown with a long neck, miyata has others but like the signature they are out of my price range so i’m very intersted in buying this one

Thanks for the link, this is looking tempting for the frame for my freestyle unicycle: https://www.mys-co.com/shop_e/item_detail.html?cat=2&id=1105&psid=f2d760c74eed1a6fb05da4b1b3c8e1f1

is that frame different than the one that would come with the uni i picked out, the custom fork pro performer

they look like they are the same frame.

on the unicycle it says: Fork: Chrome plating

and that frame is called: MIYATA Chrome Plating Fork (regular type)

That is one of the best freestyle unicycles money can buy (I would say best is this). I say this not due to the parts it is made from, but because you can customize so much on it, when you order it you specify the crank length, the specific frame height, and the amount of clearance you have on the tire. The cranks aren’t a huge thing that should push you towards this as miyata make almost any crank length you could want anyways, but the fact that you can suit the frame to your exact specifications means that it is truly a perfect frame every time.

Personally I have been looking at this for a long time and was actualy planning on buying it a month ago as a grad present to myself, but I came into some financial troubles and decided that although I could still afford it, I could spread the money better and enjoy it more as freestyle is not my thing. I am still a firm believer in the fact that Miyata makes the most “Pimp” freestyle unicycles around. It’s all nice and trendy to have a Koxx, and a Semcycle sure is a classic but I think Miyata is truly beautiful. Just look at the riders they produce and you will see why I say this.

yeah the titanium one is the best, just about 250 dollars out of my price range before shipping

Hah yeah I wasn’t actualy suggesting it I was just mentioning how damn sexy :astonished: it is.

i’ll agree

the koxx-one is knurled though :sunglasses: :astonished:

that’s a damn right sexy uni though…

80,000 yen is like $500 correct?

$700 for a freestyle uni :astonished:

what makes it soo good other than the frame?

i havent looked into it purely because it costs way too much for me

Titanium, ovalized, custom built to your specs and sizes. Knurled really isn’t that great, you are better off putting some grip tape on a yuni or bedford style frame.

I was talking to Simon Wells (Australian freestyle champion, silver (or bronze) at UNIcon a couple of years ago) and he was talking about getting one of those too. Apparently they are the best frames you can get.


Hmmm… I may just have to get an entire freestyle uni from there, rather than bothering with getting a frame from there, pedals from new zealand, seat from UK and a wheelset from USA =\

I just ordered the custom fork pro performer, she’ll probably be here in like a month and a half


wait, so you can tell them exactly how high you want the seat tube, how much tire clearence, and how wide the frame is annd crank length and they build it for you?


also, I have a KH trials, and I have been trying to learn how to stand up WW on it, and I was slipping off of the frame so I put griptape on it, but I still slip off causing somewhat painful falls. any ideas?